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  • Official Outfits/Items/Etc Suggestion Thread

    Permanent Combo cards :^(
  • Plans to bring back permanent combo card?

    It's been like 2 years(or more). It'd be great if these were released again since we have new skills and new gear to work with. Doesn't matter much to me where you can get it either it being an event, gacha, or shop item. Does anyone else other than me miss them too?
  • Rest Quests

    You can get it from the fishing boat in South of Karu, it can take kinda long.
    R5->4: Reward chest in Avon Missions Hard Difficulty(excluding MA)
    R4->3: Voight's Cor Artifact Collection Book #8
    R3->2: Manus Secret Shop
    R2->1: Ibbie's Quest(You will be using tailoring and weaving)
  • Rest

    So this is rank 9: 5ee288f2a9.png

    And this is Rank 1: 5ee288f2a9.png

    I know what you're thinking, but I promise you that is not a mistake :). If you're planning on ranking for the sole purpose of a special pose then you're probably better off ranking up other things. The benefits of removing pot poison and mp recovery are pretty neat.
  • Improve Drop Rates

    Whether you're an old player like myself, or a new player slowly climbing up the chain; I think the one thing that we need for our region is an improvement of drop rates. Now I'm not saying that super rare things need to drop 50% of the time but this ".00001%" is frustrating, especially for our region. All servers aren't as popular as they used to be in their prime, and you can't even compare it to KR. It took KR awhile to make something like a Soluna Blade, and for NA I just can't see it happening. While there are people currently doing the new raids(And that is great, I'm happy to see a community cooperating to take them down), What about the older stuff? What about things like phantasm that still take time to do? White/Black Dragon(Which still has that horrible garrison role that needs an update)? Sure you can probably find a few people on your servers who want to run those things but compared to the population of NA, you're not going to find many. It gets to a point where people feel like it's a waste of time and they stop running these things. If the drop rates were just a little better(like 5-10%+ better) I think that would give incentive to both old OP players and newcomers to train up to run these things. Maybe people won't give up on crafting things like a destructive robe because there's not enough people running due to super low rates. Just my opinion, don't know if anyone else feels this way but I do.

    TL;DR: Less "solving" problems by adding a new gacha, More favoring towards people who grind