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  • Rest

    So this is rank 9: 5ee288f2a9.png

    And this is Rank 1: 5ee288f2a9.png

    I know what you're thinking, but I promise you that is not a mistake :). If you're planning on ranking for the sole purpose of a special pose then you're probably better off ranking up other things. The benefits of removing pot poison and mp recovery are pretty neat.
  • Make the Gachas more fair

    durrloinn wrote: »
    Totoke wrote: »
    Simple solution. Don't buy gachas, especially if you only want 1 thing.

    Don't be a -removed- on my post thanks

    You posted publicly, expect opinions. Thanks

    If you want real advice, what I said is true. If you're not happy with the service provided by gachapons, then do not buy them. Yes I'm going to be a bit hard on you for doing 2 stacks for 1 item(that wasn't even new btw), but yes gachapons aren't fair. But for one thing KR is in control of rates for rarity and it's just as bad (if not worse for them). Everyone who's played the game has probably shared your thoughts(yes me included) I used to do gachas and kept getting garbage(the same gestures over and over again, upgrade stones, elite pass(yea seriously these.....)), and stopped when I realized I'd be better off saving for the thing I want. If it's too expensive, wait for the re-release(because it always happens aka. rip coco dress prices). Ask yourself before you throw away your money "Do I really NEED this item right now at this moment?" If you do decide to go through with it, best of luck.

    P.S $30 and getting nothing > $200 and getting nothing