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  • too sus 4 me boiz

    Lets think rationally, the issue stemmed from players who completed the event in 2013, that's 6 years ago. The test server doesn't have the capacity to test out issues like this, nor is there a real rhyme or reason they happen. The servers went live and they found the problem, knowing how to fix it they decided it was the best course of action to take the servers down to provide a better game play experience to their players.

    This is not only good communication, but a great course of action for us, the players. There was also the unintended issue where items from the previous event weren't properly removed, another issue that realistically only affects the live servers that'll also be fixed ASAP.

    Please do not spread FUD on the forums by assuming things are bad in your own head.
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  • Why do Milletians leave items next to NPCs?

    I sell to my maid, she gets all my loot and somehow always has the money to pay me.
  • Dissapointment

    I do want to say this just so it gets out there. This is the first extended maintenance we've had in a very long time. The majority of maint days have ended an hour early for weeks. An issue happened with the games services and the team was trying to remedy this situation. Reading the announcement post about today's maint shows that the issues were with the new VIP service. The team was desperately trying to get this running before the end of the work day and have the servers live for us (the players) to enjoy. Things happen, issues come up, and when the parent company is time zones away communication and fixes become more challenging. At the end of the day they decided to take the VIP service down and put the servers back online so that, even while everything wasn't 100%, the players had a game to play.
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  • 5000% fruit dont give 50 levels

    It gives you 5000% of the exp for your current level, not 50 levels.
  • We were told to share our Interaction creations...

    XCalibie wrote: »
    A certain GM told me to post this here, a very.... VERY special edit for you guys to enjoy:


    God help me

    Did you call? UwU