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  • She's... Keeping Track...


    She cray.
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  • Wait till tuesday bonus for rates @ event bracelet

    nevyn25 wrote: »
    I'm kinda missing the 'I won't even bother to get a bracelet because I solo' option. unless the box they come in is tradeable and actually worth a penny?

    Box is tradeable. With the drop rate how it is I see it being worth 1-3m.
  • Mabinogi TCG 2.0 this needs to stop!

    YellowBin wrote: »
    MabiDuel which is the original game for those who do not know has been out for a long time now and has been quite successful. It had a pretty good written story and really fun and great gameplay.

    The problem with duel of summoners is not because it's a mabinogi tcg (mind you they have many original cards and art that is really really good) but it's the fact that duel of summoners is PRACTICALLY THE SAME GAME BUT NAMED DIFFERENTLY AND INTRODUCED AS A COMPLETELY NEW GAME. Apparently it has lowered costs of cards, and cards have an increased attack stat. But in essence it's the same gameplay mechanics, same cards, just brand new. And no you cannot transfer Mabiduel accounts to Duel of summoners because they are not the same game.

    I recommend playing on the mabiduel version lmao.
    It has more content and cards in general.
    I don't exactly know what they have planned on adding to duel of summoners besides card stat variations but so far it's just been the same game.

    Sad thing is I really liked MabiDuel as a card game. It had refreshing mechanics and a good deckbulding in game strategy balance. The game itself was well polished from a gameplay stand point. I mainly stopped playing cause I don't want to be on my phone all the time just to play a game (and do dailies on a phone really). When they announced this I was fairly excited thinking it was just a mabiduel web client.

    To see it as a whole new game, complete with card booster microtransactions, did NOT make me happy. This does nothing but split the original mabiduel community and set both the mobile version and PC version for failure due to lack of playerbase. They really should have been the same game with cross platform play, that would have not only increased the playerbase but made the game a more solid TCG since you could trade amongst PC and mobile players.
  • Is there an Elf Overhaul coming?

    The biggest problem with elves is that all they have is archery. Chain slash is Dex/Luck based and Giants deal the most damage with it (like fo-reals).

    End game it really doesn't matter, all 3 races kinda can do just about anything but if you are a min-maxer or just someone who wants to be the "best" at somethings elves have the "lowest" (in quotes because all they have potential for is archery) potential. They can be AMAZING archers, but what about gunner, puppets, ninja, fighter, or just about any of the other talents. Chain slash was a lot of hope for them, but even then giants pulled out the best.

    Either way, I wish I was an elf, just so I could have Elf-mazing archery.
  • Is there an Elf Overhaul coming?

    Felice wrote: »

    Going to step in here and say you are completely wrong. Elves are just better. It doesn't matter if I can 80k crit mag on a human (Kinda low honestly) when I can't keep popping mags like a darn machine gun.

    Elves get vision, Final shot (honestly a great skill, maybe could use 10 more seconds IDK it's still good), and a crazy friggen low mag CD. My speed as a human can't even compare. It's just too SLOW.