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February 17, 1993
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  • Best Water Alchemy Reforges/Enchants/Gear?

    cacaman13 wrote: »
    Well as for a stand point, you would want to max out your entire MP slot, DON'T enchant Magical or anything MP based onto your alchemy gear because MP is easy to max out. Once you do that just try to get a good abyss cylinder and do not use the Tetra for damage. It is a ultilty cylinder lol as in its for rain casting,Hydra,Frozen blast and other support alch skills but not for damage but anyways for water cannon reforge wise you wanna roll a water alchemic damage reforge since it is stronger than water cannon max but hey if you roll a dual reforge that's even better.

    I don't think you understand how alchemy works. You will have a lower WC max damage output, but you are only losing 18 WC damage and 6% Water alchemy damage. You you gain (vs a demonic abyss) 42% fire alchemy damage. Cylinder efficiency is also better than anything else in terms of the alchemy damage equation. When actively using WC as a main damage source you get one chain cylinder per 10 seconds. That means you can realistically get two 5 Charge Water cannons out in 10 seconds. That not very much when you consider firebolt..

    To supplement the lack of damage from water cannon (you should be expecting each 5 charge to one shot a lot of things with refroges), you'll want to be using heat buster a lot. The fact that 5 charge of WC loads up heat buster so quickly should be abused. Chain Cylinder WC + 1 charge WC will fully charge heat buster. To that effect the Tetra will not mitigate damage (no -12%) off of heat buster and instead give you a greatly increased damage.

    Style in Hydra, Rain Casting, Wind Blast, Heat Buster, and Water Cannon, and you are also naturally charging up all the elemental orbs instead of using JUST golden time. That way when you can have ele wave buster up as much as possible and the Tetra will give you bonus damage to it.

    So yes, the tetra cylinder is not the BEST when it comes to highest WC/Flameburst damage output, but when it comes down to Alchemy DPS using WC a Tetra will actually net you a higher DPS than a demonic abyss.

    Collateral is about the only protection you can use. I'd just advise against it unless you know the person.
  • The weekly server merge thread

    Gaea wrote: »
    courtneyy wrote: »
    Honestly, I'm glad there are more and more server merge threads showing up. From what I've seen in the past the more vocal you are about a problem the bigger your chances of getting a result or fix will be. I'm tired of having a dead market and seeing the same shops everyday as well as multiple bot shops now on Tarlach. I don't even have the desire to log in. I rarely complain publicly, but I'm going to join in on the complaint train about doing a server merge - We need one, yesterday.

    The problem is we have been vocal about this for YEARS. I have come to the conclusion they are unable to do it for whatever reasons.

    And as years pass it only gets worse. Most new players still join Alexina because it just has a better population.
  • Oh, New Mabinogi

    I think some of you guys are also missing the point, it's not like they are wanting to target mabi players with this game. Well of course they will be mabi players playing, but accessing the handheld (cellular) market means accessing a HUGE amount of potential customers.
  • Oh, New Mabinogi

    I do actually hope this comes to NA.