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  • Post your favourite plot hole

    For the purpose of not making everyone lazy.
    Also to prevent further botting on commerce.

    I've always disliked the changing of moongates to be used anytime anywhere.
    It defeats the purpose of travelling and enjoying the scenery and environment of the game.

    Originally moongates could only be used at night and 1 city per night.

    Right now, there are too many moongates and people just get lazier and lazier until their weight spills over into the ocean. (No offense intended)

    I said Lore Reasons. As in...the in-universe explanation? Hence, plot holes. I of course think gameplay mechanics have to take precedence, but that doesn't mean they cannot be retconned in or explained. Just saying.

    This makes no sense, lore wise.

    Have you ever seen a Fomor use a moongate? Obviously products handled by the commerce fomors are tainted by them somehow, seeing as it's likely fomor have a weird relation to magic and mana compared to the natives of Iria who have always existed under the moon of Ladeca. It's why the commerce fomors only have very specific selections avalible to trade- if they diversified then suddenly a lot of people would find themselves unable to use moongates anymore. Essentially, you're doing the legwork for the fomor.

    Alternate reason: The fomors explicitly made it so you can't use moongates while trading their goods. After all, if their products could be traded to anywhere instantly via a moongate, then there would be no economy! No economy, no demand, no money for the fomors. Having to manually move them between each town creates a cycle of supply and demand.

    Alternate alternate reason: They're working with the bandits. Peaceful fomor get to work with humans for whatever reason they want to, fomor that like to kill things get to mess around with the commerce people by joining up with the bandits. It's like a big fun game, and they even have monopoly money (ducats) for you to play with!

    Actual reason: /shrug

    also, remember to not hold your breath as you go through the moongate