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Where the road splits, take the brighter path.
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❤ Electrolytes Guild Member ❤ We love our Guild!
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    @FayeKaiba ❤
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    Thank you everyone for your support!

    As we draw closer to our first anniversary, we welcome you to join us for some wild and crazy events! We hope you join us in the electrifying experience of Electrolytes!

    Visit our stone at Spiral Hill or contact Zurcishere for more information!
  • ⚡{SEE NEW POST UNDER NAO} Electrolytes Guild⚡


    Last night, Electrolytes was pulsing with activity. 15+ people were online and attending the banquet with each other. Electrolytes dominated the scene, as they played dead in front of a "RIP ELECTROLYTES" sign. A short video of the scene will be uploaded on YouTube later this evening.

    RIP Electrolytes

    Events are getting closer, and as we get closer to the introduction of the new generation and talent, we are continuously gaining more members. Electrolytes has gained 17 members since October 1st! Welcome all new members, we're excited to see you here!

    Remember to sign up for Electrolytes's guild events and finish the new application survey.
  • List Of Stuff You Enjoy In Mabi

    1. My dearest friends.
    2. My guild (Electrolytes of Mari)
    3. When you get a crit and it hits super hard.
    4. The social aspect of the game even though it has a lot of uncalled for drama.
    5. Getting nice stat rolls on items.
    Other things that I cannot think of...
  • Stricter Blacklisting and changes to this function

    I agree with the OP, blacklisting should be updated. There were countless times my sister would get threatening messages and it sometimes would take days for said person to get banned. Notes would keep coming, and she only was able to screenshot them to send them to GMs. This was back in the day, aswell.

    I want to point out to you that the person you have been speaking of hasn't actually been able to play Mabinogi often for about 4 months. They were able to get on occasionally, but they were not able to stay online for long lengths of time. The last few weeks, they have actually disappeared off of the face of the Earth.

    That said, as someone who has been a member and dear friend of this person since March, I did not know anything about this situation until I read your posts (as refered to by Anemki). This proves said person hasn't been 'harassing' you. Infact, the members have no idea that this is going on, and I don't think I'm going to tell them either.

    The person you are referring too is against the spreading of drama. If you ever really knew this person, you should be able to point this out from their character.

    Infact - how ironic - their username means "the mental state of peace or tranquility".