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I am currently working on Mastery of all skills. I have several already mastered, and a BUNCH that are R1 I have finished the Advent of the Goddess story line and I am on the last quest for Alchemist. I have also finished : Iria the Saga Part 1, Kinda got stuck on part 2 and haven't been back to finish it I will eventually though. I am on the Tarlac server and either on Channel 2 , or selling on Channel 7. I try to stay logged in even while I am at work, as my work schedule varies it is easiest to note me on the server. IGN : Meavepagan. Married to Moondoggy 2 in game and he just happens to be my real life husband


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May 19, 1957
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Final Hit is awesome. Let's go kill stuff.
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I have been Playing since July 2014. I absolutely LOVE Mabinogi.
  • Not sure what to do.

    Well I must let everyone know that my faith in humanity has been restored, He approached me tonight and gave me back all of my gold boxes and the gold that was in them. I am so happy. Thank you for returning my items
  • Balloon Pony Carrot Event

    does any one know how many slots it has for storage?
  • AP Skill Training and Pet Bookmarking

    I have a question about the AP training
    How come even though the training thingy is lit up on some of my skills it will not let me AP train them?
  • 6 box, 5 cheetahs.

    I have over 8 thousand dyes. I have no clue what to do with them. MOST are colors I wont even use. I did have a good run on the pets. I am wondering if the whistles are trade able as is because I really don't want OR need any more damn dyes. I already destroyed several thousand dyes, dumped them with out even opening them. dyes for days is an understatement...