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  • Some questions

    The reason farming isn't free is due to bot abuse a while back. As for gold from commerce, may want to look into the skill Commerce Mastery.
  • Anyone else excited to find out what this means?

    @Frahaleah Yeah that might be nice if they didn't leave out Magic.
    Actually, I think we are getting a hybrid of the xp events. Cause it came up Merlin talent xp X2 when I fired off a Fire Shield, and I'm under the Archer talent. It seems instead of the aces rebirth, they put them as talent xp during the specific times. Like it's Merlin talent this week.

    The only problem with that is, there is no documentation about when each ace is active.
  • Can't get final hit quest.

    Actually, tell him to only give up the ones that have a 'readable' collection book. For example the thunder book, cause the book itself gives the spell. Arrow Revolver is another one he can drop, as all you have to do is turn in the completed book for the skill. Though, the IS one is an exception due to being a 'two book' quest.
  • Inventory Tab for Bags

    Or better yet, how about they just get rid of the whole inventory style, I mean come on, some items have the humongous item info tooltip, so I highly doubt someone is going to use the wrong item if the icon is shrunk down to 1x1, heck even some of the items look like they can still be identified even if they were shrunk to a 1x1 square. Seriously, look at all the bags we as players have, 36 slot, 100 slot... You'd think those bags (All bags that is) could hold that many items, but no, with the inventory system we have, good luck.

    Now I know some people like to play 'Mabinogi Tetris' but come on, at least let us stow bags in other bags, or at least let us stick a few in the personal (Me) tab, I mean seriously the bags themselves aren't even tradable anyway, so then WHY can't they be added to the Personal (Me) tab. The bags in the VIP tab idea is good, except for one thing... How are you going to access those bags if your VIP were to run out?
  • Music box event

    I don't see anything difficult with this event. As long as it's free and not rng-based give it to me! xD
    rng-based is right, made a Milky Way Base Drum just for the heck of it when they were released, 25% success chance... It succeeded. Hilarious thing is, when it was in the process of being made, I was like, 'This is so gonna fail.'