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Last Active
  • Homestead Size Adjustment

    I have the largest homestead size and now I wish I didn't.

    It'd be neat if we could adjust our homesteads size as we wished. (similarly to MS2, where you can make it larger/smaller through a menu)
    I'd like to have something more cozy again. :')
  • Server MARGE Meme Submission


    edit: was told by some people that alexina isn't immediately recognisable so added some colour to my submission. :notlikethis: hopefully that makes her easy to recognise

    original (lol monochrome) ver can be found here though.

    Server: Alexina
    IGN: Luckborne
  • Idle Animation Slot for Style Tab


    I sometimes find myself liking some idle animations, but not the outfit they're assigned to.
    It'd be nice if there was another slot in Style Tab where we can just apply another outfits idle to the outfit we're wearing.

    eg. Applying the Afternoon Tea Jacket (M) idle to the Eluned Magic Academy Robe for Juniors (M) - instead of casting magic, the character now drinks tea. Something like that.

    We can already simulate this by previewing outfits in the Dressing Room but it's only client sided. :^(
  • G21 The New Divinity

    Talvish is mean, and will bully you mercilessly if you go in thinking you can just DPS him down. You can't.

    • He takes less damage inflicted from the high damage meta skills (eg. Bash, Chain Impale, Firebolt, Final Hit) so use skills like Smash, Magnum Shot, Chain Crush, WOTG, etc, instead.
    • Windmill / Blade him when he says 'I will show you proof of the prophecy' otherwise you'll take the debuff when he spikes you. Or just Anchor Rush away.
    • If you have trouble with the shield timing for the instant kill, there's a few LPs of the fight up on Youtube.
    • When you get the transformation at 80%, use Celestial Spike to quickly build up stacks for Nova Obliteration - but make sure you don't yourself leave yourself open to being wumbo-combo'd by Blade/Spike/Instant Death
    • If you have some Adventurer Seals lying around, buy a Guardian Soul Stone or two for a few seconds of invincibility.

    Hopefully that helps.
  • i wish we could replay generations!

    op i'll trade you altam's title for talvish's ;^)

    Personally, I'd love to be able to be able to repeat generations just to get alternate titles (eg. Lone Wolf vs Sharer of Joy, rest of the Alban Knight titles, etc) and to choose alternate dialog options available in later generations. Building alt characters is a pain especially for newer generations, the cutscene viewer we have has been outdated for years, and the few English LPs out there don't cover all the alternate dialog options.

    As for rewards - beyond transformations/key items, the AP rewards we got from them are kinda inconsequential these days. (barring saga)

    Either way, it'd be a nice quality of life option to have - it'd be available for those that want to make use of it and others can just play through the quests once, get the rewards and never touch them again. Win/win.