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  • Sales Heads-Up! 9/12/19

    Well, either way, I'm probably going to R1 the rest of my chain skills and some odd ones. =D
  • Hurricane Dorian

    Sebastian wrote: »
    Greta wrote: »
    Shouldn't this be in Town Square?
    Lock it too because it's not in their dedicated section lol.
    Why these forums are so biased...

    Or, you know, it could be that you're comparing apples to oranges. I feel one of these threads are inherently more important and also doesn't have needless derailment.

    Anyway, I don't live in Florida so I'm not up to date on the storm, but hoping everything stays well.

    I put it here because General gets far more traffic than Town Square does and as this is an issue that could affect our members, I wanted it seen. I've been through hurricanes before and they're terrifying like Charlie when it collapsed the back half of my house as my mother and I watched from the other side of a pair of french doors. I went through Irma which had ripped parts off of my current house (though not nearly as bad as Charlie did) and left us without power for about a week and others for over two. I wanted people to be aware of what was going as well as their friends so everyone could be prepared.

    This was how close it was to us before it changed direction. We had models where four out of five were taking it through the state until Monday.

    This is what the storm looked like yesterday.

    I'm certain people have heard about how badly the storm hit the Bahamas, so I would think anyone with any sense would understand why this thread should be somewhere far more frequented than Town Square was. That's like taking a post about something that should front page news and putting it somewhere in the classifieds. It's not related to Mabinogi as in what goes on in game, but it's related to its players, and I find that making sure our fellow Milletians are informed is more important.

    I mean, come on, you guys all know I always post my 'heads-ups' here in General. =D

    @Sebastian I just realized I never reported the status. I'm more inland, so we only had some wind damage, but I haven't heard anything from anyone on the coast about damage, so unsure there though I assume worse. The Bahamas got hit hard so if anyone knows anyone there, check on them!

    UPDATE: Dorian is heading toward the Carolina coasts.

  • Hurricane Dorian

    Hello, Milletians! According to the news, those of us in Florida and on the islands to the south-east are due to be hit by Hurricane Dorian (which is supposed to be a Category 4 when it hits), with the state beginning to feel the storm's effects by Sunday. Please make sure to stay safe and also check in so we know you're ok! Good luck with your storm preparations!

    Things to Remember:
    If you can, fill up your cars. If the gas stations go down or run out, you have no fuel.

    Keep sources of fresh water. If you can get bottled water, great. If not, fill jugs of it and keep it in the fridge, if you have spare plastic bottles fill them about 2/3 full and put them in the freezer. This will act as a means to keep your freezer cool if your power is out for a while and also water. Filling your bathtub with water is another good source of fresh water!

    Charge your power banks or anything rechargeable! This might mean the difference between you having a phone to call on or not! If you don't have a power bank, various stores sell them like Five Below, Ross, TJ Maxx and other stores! Five Below also carries LED lanterns so you can have some light and they usually run on either AA or AAA batteries!

    If you have anything outside that's not bolted down, a storm could pick it up and chuck it at your house or your car. Get it somewhere inside!

    Pick up canned food for in case your power goes out for a few days! If you have a grill, get your charcoal and propane canisters ready! This can help use any food that you might normally lose due to power outages like frozen meat.

    Get a weather radio! Your phone may go down to its bare minimum due to emergency services and cell tower damage and you want to stay apprised of what's going on. During Irma, all I could do was text people, so don't be surprised if you can't do phone calls during and after the storm.

    That's all I can think of off-hand. If anyone thinks of anything else, post it here! Stay safe out there, Milletians!

  • Event Heads-Up! 8/22/19

    Milletians, it's that time again! This week we're ending two events!

    The first is the long Summer Master Plan Event in totality on Thursday! So don't be surprised if your stats drop due to the effects of the Master Plan Special Potion wearing off! Also, don't be surprised when those rental weapons poof. http://mabinogi.nexon.net/News/Announcements/1/00JEm

    The second is the Connous Beach Vacation Event which due to the issue at the start was extended until Friday so you have another day! Get those last orders of your favorite drinks in before Hafgan packs up his pineapple stand! http://mabinogi.nexon.net/News/Announcements/1/00JFT

    That's all for this week!
  • Event: Helios and the Dream

    Reminds me of something out of Studio Ghibli.