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  • [Announcement] Server Merge & FAQ

    TNinja wrote: »
    Rejoice, those of you who regret your naming decision as if it was life's biggest oof

    Now, now, it says they're working on the name change thing too.

    Q: Will I be able to change my character name?
    A: We are working on bringing the name change option for character names after the merge. More information on this option will be provided in a future update.
  • [Announcement] Server Merge & FAQ

    Q: Will my character name be changed during the merge? What happens if there are multiple characters with the same name?
    A: Characters (pets, partners, characters) with duplicate names will have their name changed to 'Name+Server', e.g. Name+Mari, Name+Ruairi, Name+Tarlach.

    HUZZAH! Everyone's names will be fine! =D
  • Events/Sales Heads-Up! 5/9/19

  • This is why the saga had great writing.

    Personally, I enjoyed Saga Season 1, but Saga Season 2 was an absolute train wreck from start to finish that could have been handled so much better.

    Characters. Whoever wrote the Aces as incompetents should be fired into the sun. Seriously, a group that supposedly guards Erinn against threats can't keep their hands on donations? I could understand if maybe a significant threat stole the donations, but simply losing them is blatant idiocy that doesn't speak well of these supposed heroes. Especially in regard to how they handle recouping their losses. It's really terrible Seriously, Starlet having to worry about crazy people with bombs that wind up blowing up her dog? What the heck would have provoked that sort of thing? People with no experience doing a concert suggesting they do a concert to recoup said funds rather than earn it in a more typical fashion like, I don't know, going after monsters? Professor J doesn't object to the stupidity, only to look foolish, which I don't see him as a character. Merlin is a goof, but even he has his limits. It's like the person who was handed these characters didn't bother to think of their personalities and then just shoved them into a brainless plot to give Starlet "a chance to move on from her sad dead dog past".

    This is even more annoying when you only see these characters for only so much of the Saga 2 chapter. Oh no, Little Tarlach gets kidnapped and Merlin is worried about looking like an idiot than realizing "hey, we have a legit threat going on and they took the kid! We could use the help!" leaving so many powerful characters unused. I mean, how epic would it have been to see Professor J and Culinary Artist tearing apart the battlefield with Starlet as support? Why couldn't we have that? Or did the writer realize that constantly crapping all over Merlin was bad writing...? Nope, it continues with Treasure Hunter crapping on him coupled with blackmail.

    After dealing with what amounts to an annoying series of mini-games, you finally wind up somewhere within a plot. The Cessair want Tarlach, but for what ends? Ok, he's some sort of key to something or other?

    The story regarding the Ban/Settlers wasn't handled well either. Ok, so someone saved three kids if I remember the story right, one of them was Treasure Hunter, but who are the other two? A good story would reveal that eventually. Same with Treasure Hunter's name. Yes, we know that Neamhain cursed these guys in some form, but why? What did they do? The Elves and Giants tried to gain an item of power of hers to become stronger that upset her; that curse is explained.

    Ruairi to me has always been a character that acts without thinking. He believes Esras when they say you caused Rian's death when the dude has been a walking corpse for a while. Believes Millia betrayed him when she called her Shaman friends to help heal Ruairi and kills them and tries to sacrifice her. Hey, Ruairi, remember how these Cessair guys and Tarlach wound up summoning Macha and almost destroyed the world? I would think twice before working with them again, in spite of them giving you a fancy new arm. Where did that come from anyway? I know from the Cessair, but what technology?

    So much of that story is never explained. We're left with more questions than resolutions.

    However, who they had writing the Aces as of the Chain Blade content has redeemed the characters. That person knows how to handle those characters. The Aces in theirs hands aren't incompetent lackwits, but skilled heroes.
  • All my hot keys are missing

    Katherz wrote: »
    Hotkeys have been fixed. You have to manually end the Nexon Launcher via the Task manager in order for the fix to appear.

    They'll be reset to hotkeys pre maint? Or if we made any changes yesterday to the new ones?

    Looks to be pre-maintenance.