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  • Magic: Create a Skill

    Heck yeah, we have to expand from the missile casting system of magic we have now to include more support magic.

    - Stone Fists: improvised knuckles
    - Stone Skin: increased defense/protection
    - Flaming Fingers: Your hands become a source of heat for cooking. You can point and start a small very temporary campfire.
    - Moist Inspiration: You don't need "bottled water" for cooking and alchemy. Also use it to fill all bottles in your inventory.
    - Flight: Use the power of wind to fly without a mount.
    - Shock: Same exact effect as alchemic Shock skill.
  • Partner Improvements

    If they can add giant and elf partners then I'd ask for humanoid fomor partners. Goblins, Fairies, Ogres, that stuff. Maybe we could merge the partner system with the ego system somehow.
  • Item Availability Notification On Auction House

    Also, add buy listings, where you place the money up on the auction house and someone sells an item to you through your listing.
  • New maps for future G's

    I like that headcanon.

    My fantasy canon regarding mabi race origins is that Giants are descended from yeti-like beasts, Elves are descended from bird creatures, and humans are descended from succubi.

    Alternate fantasy canon below

    Ruined Earth <---> Shadow Realm <---> Erinn

    The Shadow Realm is a plane of reality that acts as bridge, a limbo, between Post-Apocalyptic Earth and Erinn. The dark sky and the barren landscape of the Shadow Realm are inherited from the ruined Earth, and the general geography and buildings are inherited from Erinn. Humans fled the dying Earth, they travelled through the Shadow Realm, and then emerged in beautiful Erinn where they stayed and fluorished. The Humans who were left behind on the ruined Earth transformed into grotesque beings who invaded and conquered all of the Shadow Realm and eventually became Fomors. The Humans now living on Erinn sealed off the Shadow Realm and have been fighting the invading Fomors ever since.

    But not all Fomors ended up grotesque and evil. Some became Elves, other Giants, and yet others became the Fairies, Imps, and Goblins we all know and love.
  • Keep Natural dye

    Where shall it be placed? My vote is Cor Village.