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  • Revitilize old content

    Nerezza wrote: »
    the water thing i get. its not something easy to fix. but finding another solution would be great. like changing the ingrident to "water source" and then making other items such as big bottles, or changing old bottles...having and switching out 60 bottles over and over for potions is....well. boring.
    changing water would be so good though...

    I agree but changing how the recipe window accepts the bottled water ingredient would take a lot of work, and only benefit a few crafting recipes. I could see it happening as part of a complete overhaul (it's easier to figure out how to implement a change like this when you're working from scratch, than it is to go through the spaghetti and tug on things until you find a solution that fits) but this is a pretty low priority thing to overhaul right now really.

    I disagree. Fixing the ridiculous water system is a high priority to make the cooking system not torture. This will benefit more than just "a few crafting recipes." Take a look at the wiki page for water . Water is used directly in 49 recipes and indirectly in almost all final dish recipes (water is used to make intermediate ingredients: the different doughs, the different pastas, the different noodles, fry batter, vinegar, rice, and more). If you include milk (the other bottle-able liquid) then you affect almost all of the cooking system.

    Then there's the potion system that requires 1 bottle of water to create just ONE of these: the 300 potions, the 500 potions, the 300 RE and 500 RE potions, the special potions like poison potion, antidote potion, cooking potion, likeability potion, good luck potion.


    Here's what the system could look like. Bottles will hold one unit of liquid, buckets will hold 6, and canisters/barrels will hold 18. (im just guessing on the numbers tbh) I think bottles should also get another utility use so that people will still carry one or two around. They can trap live bugs, make molotov cocktails, make an impromptu random choice jar or voting jar, stick a few coins in it to make an instrument, any other ideas?

    Hey, that 'Millionaire Shopping Center' idea sounds great! Let's expand on that and think up stuff to sell there that newbs and poor players won't want.

    Repairs for Avalon Gate and funding for Baltane Squires. Fix up the old buildings around the squires area, give them top-notch training equipment and uniforms, make Shuan happy. Cost: 25m

    Rent out various buildings and halls around Erinn for social events. Rent a ballroom in Rath Castle, rent a villa in Belvast, rent a combat arena in Tailteann, rent a picnic area in Festia, rent a cozy room in the "nightlife" district of Emain, rent out the Soul Stream for parties. Cost: varies from 1m to 300m

    Donate to various cities and get a building named after you. Imagine visiting the Naruto559 Library in Dunbarton, or spending a day at Ponyloveruwu Land (formerly Festia). Cost: varies from 500m to 30b.
  • Teleport To Party Member Button

    How about making it a skill? It could fit in many talents. Magic, holy arts, alchemy, music, ninja.
  • Faster Character Movement!

    Change the default run speed to twice our current run speed BUT add certain terrain that reduces run speed. The towns and dungeons, having paved roads, stone floors, and packed dirt trails, would let new players run fast and free. The areas that reduce our speed would be areas with steep inclines, heavy vegetation, farmland packed with tall crops, areas with snow, sandy dunes, and rocky unstable ground.
  • SUGGESTION: Enable regex on all search boxes

    Helsa wrote: »
    Regex is a buzz-word, the proper name is regular expression.

    "Regex" is a syllabic abbreviation, like Interpol is a syllabic abbreviation of International Police. Opsec, Tribeca, SoHo, and Gestapo are other examples.