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  • Commerce Upgrade brainstorm

    What a marvel it is to see the commercialization of Iria. There's tourism, resorts, research, exploitation, you name it. You can choose to travel across land, through caves, or by ship. (Just a concept. The ship stops and commerce post locations are up for discussion.)

    Karu Forest Treetop Village

    Who could live here? I'm leaning toward goblins that have expanded from Lappa.

    Cenae Safari & Wildlife Reserve

    Nestled in a valley surrounded by the Errans and Rupes mountain range, this for-profit Wildlife Reserve gives tours and organizes safaris, all for the benefit of visiting Uladh humans and their money. They also fervently protect the Cenae wildlife from poachers and hunters, who have the audacity to kill animals without first buying a hunting license from the Reserve.

    Longa Nomadic Traders

    Always on the move, these nomads of the Longa Desert are very difficult to find. They live off the land and rarely buy anything from adventurers. They always have something interesting to sell, though.

  • Nexon GM tells me to post the issue here

    My settings don't save whenever my mabi crashes, but they do save when I close it normally. Maybe your mabi is crashing upon exit.
  • Fusion Bolt

    Why not fusion with bare hands?

    I'd like to see that. Fusion bolt all three elements would be nice too.
  • Elf/Giant Marriage?

    Zeo wrote: »
    I 100% support this. The elves also should have the ability to ride on the giants' shoulder plus for the elves and giants to be able to marry each others. There's few code tweaking that would need to be done but I know it's not difficult to implement.

    I'm really curious why people voted for "No" on this though, please don't even bring up the lore because it's basically thrown out of the windows as elves and giants are no longer in the war with each others.

    is this going to be your new progressive crusade after dark-skin elves? ;)
  • Revamped Jobs?

    Here's a list of potential PTJs. The goal is to make them useful, believable, and fun. Images are just visual aids, not an exhaustive list.

    Grocery Store


    • Deliver random cooked dishes to random NPCs in that area. Hidden benefit is ability to eat the food to advance the cooking journal or cooking skill reqs. The highest dish type you can get is stir-fry.
    • Make food, using timed or ptj-only ingredients.
    • Collect and deliver potatoes/wheat/eggs/milk/etc.


    • Homestead seeds
    • Ingredient hunting items
    • 1 cooked dish
    • Cooking/collecting tools with 1 extra dura

    General Store


    • Use reforge kits (ptj-only) on random set of 5 items (ptj-only) of same type. Example, "Please reforge these 5 flutes." Indirectly useful by letting you see possible reforges on that item.
    • Deliver some Spider Traps. Useful for handicraft and to raise awareness of Spider Shot skill. A medium/advanced ptj. Requires that all NPC stores stop selling Spider Traps.
    • Make and deliver 1 Rolling Pin and 1 Ladle. Useful for handicraft.
    • Deliver 40 paper cranes. Useful for handicraft and offers another use for paper cranes made from renown training.
    • Deliver Restoration Altar to Dungeon Stone miners (Walter ptj only). Just a fetch quest to add believable flavor to game world.
    • Deliver 1 Bait Tin stack (only given by general store NPCs that don't stock them). After completion, that same Bait amount will be available to buy from store by anyone. Indirectly useful because it keeps Bait Tins in stock if enough people do this ptj regularly.
    • Investigate Stewart (Walter ptj only).
    • For Pierrick, something clown related... What could it be?


    • Life Skills tools with 1 extra dura, especially tailor kit, handicraft kit, or fishing pole
    • Score Scrolls with 150 plays (advanced ptj gives 200 version)
    • Cheap instrument, like Whistle or Lute
    • Bottle of water. "You must be thirsty after such hard work."



    • Make stuff with tailoring skill. This already exists and is mostly useful.
    • Put on a piece of clothing given by ptj NPC and model for them. Requires you to follow NPCs verbal instructions: "Walk past me in a straight line." "Strike a pose!" "Pretend you're in a fight for your life!" "Run towards me!" ...not terribly useful, but amusing.
    • Decrease the durability of a piece of gear given by ptj NPC. Gear will be chosen randomly from tailored item list and will have 1/1 durability and will disappear on a timer. "Help me test the stitching on this!" Useful if the NPC happens to give you armor or silk-weaving gloves.
    • Find and sketch a random player in the area. "Everyone in town is talking about PLAYERNAME and their wild fashion sense. I must see it for myself!" If no sketch target is found nearby, someone from Dunbarton is chosen.


    • Hairband, Sandals, or Bracelet with 1 extra dura. (Hopefully race restrictions on these gets removed)
    • 2 holy water
    • 2 thin threads or 2 thick threads
    • A tailor pattern only obtainable through this ptj. Each NPC gives a different pattern. "This is something I designed myself. Please tell me what you think!" Advanced ptj only, each ptj NPC will give different patterns.



    • Make stuff with blacksmith skill, possibly of a specific color (copper, silver, gold). Already exists and is useful.
    • Receive a random blacksmithed item, improve it as much as possible within the time limit, and return it. Reward scales based on improvements (proficiency, upgrades, erg, reforge, enchant, durability, blessed/holy, poisoned, dyed).
    • Decrease the durability of an item given by the NPC.
    • Take Elen out on a date (Edern ptj only). Date locations are Bangor Tavern (lively party), Port Ceann (secluded stroll), or Dragon Ruins (sad backstory). Raises intimacy of Edern and Elen. Raises renown for Edern. Also for lore and for fun.


    • Blacksmith hammer with 1 extra dura or special color.
    • Spiked Cap with 1 extra dura.
    • Wood Plate Cannon. (item changed to 2x1 size, 6 max dura, ~5000g, no race restriction)
    • Iron Ore Fragments. Edern already rewards these.

    Stope Part-time Job


    • Mine ore.
    • Refine ore.
    • Deliver firewood to Sion.
    • Deliver handwritten notes back and forth between Sion to Ibbie. 12 separate 'note conversations' exist. Keep doing this ptj to read them all and discover the dramatic love triangle between Ibbie, Sion, and Riocard!


    • Pickaxe with 1 extra dura or with special color.
    • 1 Spirit Fossil. Advanced ptj from Sion.

    I'll keep adding to this post.