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  • Blaanid holding her book upside-down.

    Issue: NPC Blaanid in Dunbarton is holding her book upside-down. Might be a graphical oversight.

    How to Reproduce: Stand near NPC Blaanid in Dunbarton and position camera to face her, then wait until her animation shows a book in her hands.

    Expected: I expect NPC Blaanid's book to match the book images in the memoirs window and memory book promotional artwork.


    - Gravithicc on Alexina
  • Dead Bees: A Plunge into Mabinogi's black market.

    It's a coded one-way broadcast. If you ever see NO dead bees in AH, then you know something terrible has happened.
  • What did people get for going to Mabi campfire?

    For just attending, we got a "Mabinogi Campfire" black drawstring backbag with Nao on it. Inside the bag were 2 drink cards, 1 meal card, and 1 cake card that could be redeemed for food items at the food NPCs. Everyone received a pair of mabi sunglasses when they redeemed their meal card. Also in the bag were two small glossy promo cards for G22 Apocalypse and a Mabinogi Campfire Passport, which contained the event schedule and a stamp area that could be filled out by completing mini-games. At the end of the event, everyone received a foldable wireless mouse with the mabi logo on it as well as a pair of gaming mats (they look like those laminated table placemats, only very large and with mabi chibi characters on the front).

    There was a merchandise booth selling mabi bookends, artbooks, steel drink canisters, baseball caps, and other assorted mabi stuff.

    The prizes for the minigames included plastic wristbands, coasters i think, nice dual-layer plastic tall cups with screw on plastic lid and straw, stickers, all mabi branded. The only in-game rewards were titles for cosplay contest winners ('the cosplayer'), O-X winners ('walking wiki'), and some raffle winners ('gacha addict').
  • The Best Book In Mabi RN

    Wait, who was the human dressed up as an imp? Was the author actually seeing an elf for the first time?
  • Small Gems renamed to Marbles

    Important update, people! So thanks to this post that highlights the "Imp's Diary" book: http://forums.mabinogi.nexon.net/discussion/18513/the-best-book-in-mabi-rn I now see that these gems ARE supposed to be marbles!

    Quote from book:
    I exchanged the green marbles with blue marbles, and then the blue marbles to red marbles. Soon I'll have silver marbles!!!
    but the humans took it all...
    That's it!! They'll pay for this!!!

    Quote the second:
    Finally...finally, I got the silver marble! I grinded it and made it into Mana powder!
    I hid it safely in a treasure chest!!! Now, even if Ogre comes back I'll be okay!

    ...The humans took it all...

    So there you have it. What more proof do we need? I believe this is the most pressing issue we face as Mabi players, and the fate of the game itself, maybe even the fate of NEXON, rests upon fixing this injustice. Thank you.