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  • Please stop having two gachas at the same time...

    ^ You guys make good points. :) It's very distasteful for a company to release free content then take it away and make it pay-only. I think the answer is to make future generations from this point on VIP-only. The following point is moot now, but to clarify: I originally intended for only VIP players to make erg weapons, but for anyone to be able to buy and use them. Also, I intended for Festi-Doki Island to be available for everyone during events, but VIP members could visit at any time.

    Btw, yes I am just picking and choosing things to make VIP-only based on my own personal preference/bias. I don't have access to the entire playerbase's preferences, so I use my own as a foundation. And yes I am trying to make things VIP-only for the sake of it. The way I see it, mabi has a lot of content they're not charging for, and they could generate good revenue by putting certain things behind VIP. This is an alternative to releasing new content in gacha form, which leads to having multiple gacha sales at the same time.
  • Two New Pet Ideas

    But we have HS chickens, why would we need a chicken pet?

    for the 200 stationary egg gathers per day
  • Metal Conversion Minigame

    I like the existing minigame. Hitting all 4 elements on a single spin of the dial is very satisfying. I sometimes imagine what the minigame would look like if we could choose how much of each alchemic element to add, probably something like this:

  • Mass Production Cooking

    I would prefer the ability to make larger portions rather than automatic repeated cookings. For example, a 5-person portion of Steamed Trout would require 5x trout, 2x water, and 3x thyme. The resulting large portion dish would be 2x2 and would show 5/5 portions. When there is only 1 portion left, it changes to the normal 2x1 size and look.
  • Halloween Villains Event

    ^ I tried that, but after 30 minutes of fishing I never got one bite. Maybe if you use event bait you can get event catches only, without any of the regular catches.