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January 16, 1990
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  • Can we not immediately scream for nerfs?

    im a total lv 4454 and i beated the doppel whit shuriken smash XD (o yes remember to kill first the dopels or you will be having a hard time XD!!) the g21 is ok, people just got acostumed to power trought most enemies and forgot that the first generations where pretty mutch about abusing the mechanics more than fire power so i say leave it like it is, becouse if you did all the previous gens then you already have all the tools you need for this adventure!! XD
    GretaOpalthiraAlshianRadiant Dawnfennixfox
  • G21 Face to face Doppel fight.

    I wanted to share my strat to this fight, many on the forum think it´s almost imposible for chars of lv 5000 and below who can´t oneshot or stack up more dmg thant the enemy reg rate, but i finded a more easy way that was pointed out in another thread, and that was that this in a sense it´s like g1 glas battle, now sadly im not an elf nor a human so what choices do i have?.
    In my personal case anju´s shuriken has a rate of 5 to 100% injury rate and since i main str and will from martial arts and warrior i pretty mutch deduced this was my best shot, so what i did was fairly simple, first and foremost destroy all the other copyes to eliminate doppel´s dmg mitigation and crit negation, remember to hit the dark orbs when those show a mass of darkkness or doppel will spawn more copies, use bone dragon debuf and stack it whit any other debuff in my case martial arts soryuken (upercut XD), then using your choice of high injury weapon start to smash it since most high injury weapons can´t be used whit bash but if you have it then use it, and to eliminate the anoying combo interruption from dopel alche skill use demi-god Morrighan´s shield or a high def pet whit soul link since those skill hardly do dmg and are more to anoy you.
    So far so good but once dopel hit below 50% it will use demi-god skill Cichol´s darkkness and that will rekt you, but don´t fear. Avoiding this is really simple, you use morrighan shield to tank it or use ninja hide till the orbs turn off or hit them before dopel lunchs the atack.
    whit this i beated the boss being my total 4435 i Hope this helps other milletian on their quest to total baddasery my name it´s Anakym and i never reject a good adventure add me if you want XD see ya!!

  • Merlin, Please.

    Saddly im a giant so eveen if his intentions where of that sort merlin would fall short XD!!!!
  • Can we not immediately scream for nerfs?

    Ninzerker wrote: »
    >Lack of preparation
    3 balloons
    33 soul stones
    6 guardian stones
    2 adv feathers


    >Just take a day or two to better plan/train more
    Translation: You didn't hydra spam? What s it rE?

    >its only been out 4 hours!
    Updates end at 12pm here, been throwing myself at it for more than 8 before I saw ANY progress

    >Just wait for the "talented" to make a comprehensive guide
    Pretty strong implication that your saying everyone is just plain stupid and doesn't have the cognitive function to understand the complexities of the game, except for the wiki contributor that will just plagiarise what advice's, tips, hints, and tricks the launch crew painstakingly uncovers after the first few weeks have passed and everything's already laid out for them

    Its also nice that some can solo Rabbie Phantasm blindfolded, and even so much as look at a dragon before it melts, but the vast majority cannot inject that absurd amount of time if not money into a game.
    The notion of "why aren't you using (insert skill here)?" goes against the entirety of player choice in favor of a strict "if you didn't raise these skills exactly right you wasted years of your life" and is an affront to why many people even approached this game in the first place

    Its not that people feel a sense of entitlement, its a sense of fairness, going back to the earlier posts example take the dungeon revamp
    What did they do? Added a 0 to all enemy damage rolls and add two 0 to all enemies health, its an exaggeration, yes, but BARELY so
    The results? New players cannot complete Alby Normal, the same dungeon they just completed in the tutorial without hitting a damage sponge,. Late game players ignore the dungeons due to not being fiscally viable, And dungeons are even deader than before

    Its within my experience that people actually LIKE and actively will seek out a challenge, but if its unfair, frustrating, and stiflingly exclusive to the player it smothers any enjoyment and just leaves even the victory hollow and bittered in retrospect

    Praise you

    I agree!!!