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January 8, 1991
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"And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you" - Friedrich Nietzsche
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Wavepulse Blue + Baby Animals. Kindness+Quirky. Mari and Alexina Player
  • Older players are being unappreciated

    They should continue to bring back items because it's unfair to the people who don't have them. It's not fair that if someone wants to buy something, they have to spend like 100m on it because it's 'rare' I am glad eventually nexon brings back everything and I hope they continue to do so. Right now there is a pair of wings that I want and they are 175m and have only brought back once. I am waiting for them to be brought back again. Just like Tuans. When they first came out people paid 200m for tuan wings, I was able to buy my pair for 30m. I don't give a flying feather about value. Everyone should have to obtain items at a decent price.
  • Ticking Quiz Bomb

    I was one of the people which regularly voiced to get these removed because people would purposely troll and lock people in place. People would use them on players who were running content, AFK, doing raids etc.
    There is still ways people can force someone into combat stance, by luring animals to someone, having the animal attack the person and putting them into combat stance and then using the item on them.
    1.5k is way to high also, because their are alot of players that are under 1.5k which could be targeted.
    I am glad these things are gone and will never return.
  • It's official: merge baby merge

  • Official Dye Suggestion Thread

    Greta wrote: »

    Did you just seriously suggested for a release of a pure white and black dyes?
    Lol whyyyyyy... They are not even rare.
    BerrySwirl wrote: »
    -Hyper purple to black flashy
    -Hyper blue flashy
    -Hyper white flashy
    -Filia pink to white flash (not the Valentines day version)
    -Regular white flash
    -Black to indigo flashy
    -Hyper pink flashy

    Oh great, someone wants to have these flashies to cause some people intense epilepsy. So glad people actually dropped flashy fashion years ago.

    I remember being told years ago that the flashies in this game can't cause people to have seizures. And even if they could then people shouldn't be playing games if they can have one from something that low. Infact I remember 8 years ago when I was new I had a player give me a flashy red/pink flashy lava cat robe. And someone ran up to me and started yelling at me telling me to take the robe off because I was going to give their GF a seizure, after being told by people not to worry, I told the person no. So he reported me and then two weeks later he noted me saying that he was pissed because Nexon told him they were going to do nothing because I wasn't being harmful to anyone and I wasn't hurting anyone.

    Anyway. I would love for this to return in fixed/metal/wand/musical dye form.
    Wave Pulse Blue Flashy.
  • Why are people killing the market on purpose?

    If demand for something is high, then people will sell lower to get their's selling quicker. Lower your price to equal what the other's are.