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  • Fastest way to level up your pets at the moment?

    Some expeditions require pets to be over level 120, but pets get such a small amount of your xp that this can be pretty challenging. Has anyone found a effective way to level them up?
  • Unpopular Opinion: Cancel the Legendary Item Event

    CMKyrios wrote: »
    Hey guys. So I don't think cancelling it an option. But, I'm down to collect your thoughts on the event. Overall reception seems fairly negative, and lukewarm at best. Am I understanding the following correctly:
    - Items are obtained too quickly. Solution: Decrease the rate, impose a re-queue cooldown maybe?
    - Alt abuse. Solution: Item bound to character?
    - Lag-inducing players. Solution: Unsure what's plausible from a development perspective here. One idea of splitting players into the channels seemed decent.

    I know that some of you may be thinking: "Just do better events next time!" but we'd still like conducive feedback on how this type of event could be improved. I like some of the things y'all wrote in here.

    And they said you weren't listening. smh.

    -Rarity, The items needed to be way rarer, some of them were obtained in less than a minute

    -Alts, Even if it was bound couldn't they trade unlock it? and if it was a permanent bound wouldn't it suck to never be able to trade unlock it and sell it if they decide this isn't their type of weapon/etc, tbh most of the items were won by legit players too, so it wasn't even that much of an issue.

    -Lag, for the best items every channel had so many people at the NPC/red carpet which caused many to crash (while rude players activated demi-god, spammed pets etc) so splitting players into the channels wouldn't of worked. Every single channel had too many people. But that only really occurred during the best items. I don't know how many people are affected by the lag, but it may just be better off just letting players be anywhere they want to be during que so they don't have to suffer at the red carpet.
  • Unpopular Opinion: Cancel the Legendary Item Event

    Crims wrote: »
    Wolfsinger wrote: »
    Personally, I don't care that much. While it is kinda annoying to hear about the alts and spammers getting the equipment, I honestly think people are being way too salty about it and need to chill.
    Is the event poorly designed? Heck yes but we should be used to that by now. Should we say something? Sure, politely. But I think talking about cancelling it is a bit much at this point in time.
    Would be nice if they could implement some fixes between now and the next one though :P

    You're talking about stopping people from multi clienting basically. Every time they mess with that it causes problems with households. Guys we honestly should be used to this by now. Don't like it, don't play the event. Simple.

    No one here is talking about playing the event though. Telling them to ignore it isn't going to help the future either. Everyone has come here to express what they think about it, (that's what the forums are for) and nexon should be able to see that feedback here. There's nothing wrong with that. Salt or not, feed back is feed back. Why are you even in the forums if you're not here to give feed back on the game? Seems all you want to do is get your cute "mabi rep" up, but while you're doing that, do us a favor and don't try to put other people down for doing what literally the forums are here for.
  • Unpopular Opinion: Cancel the Legendary Item Event

    Just saying nexon should be listening to It's player base. Ignoring the event with no feedback wouldn't let nexon know this was a bad idea. Players should be allowed to express how they feel, so stop telling them to not do that. Players want progress, not regression.
  • Not even 5 minutes and someone got the legend weap

    I wish they did this event on april fools. it would of been more fitting.