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March 26, 1996
  • [OPEN] Mistreil's Art Shop [Nao]

    Mistreil wrote: »
    @Chiku Okay! 'w')b Finished colouring -- let me know if you need any changes \o/!! ♥♥

    You finished that so fast!!
    He looks adorable, I love it so so much <33 Your coloring and shading are great ahhh thank you thank you ;o;
  • [OPEN] Mistreil's Art Shop [Nao]

    Mistreil wrote: »
    @Imaizumi Okay, done! Let me know if you need any changes 'w')b
    Chiku wrote: »
    IGN: Eikourei (Nao)
    Type: Colored bust
    Payment: 5m gold
    Reference(s): https://imgur.com/a/u40lWzK (Ignore the wings, should've taken them off oops)
    Additional Details: For his expression, content-looking with a small semi-smile please.
    Accepted 'w')b I'll start it after I receive payment \o/ ♥ Thank you!

    Thank you! Just mailed payment : D
  • Your final screenshot on your server.

    Good friend Zol and I watching the mini goodbye party in Dunbarton
  • Why do you play Mabi?

    I started playing Mabinogi in June 2011, when I was in a friend group of 5 and we all wanted an MMO to play together. One of them found this game and we decided to try it out. It took us a long time to learn the combat mechanics but I remember we eventually all helped one another beat g1-3, and spent a lot of time in either Tir Na Nog fighting zombies or Bangor of Another World. We would sit in dungeons for hours just talking or messing around. That friend group is what made Mabi enjoyable until about 2013-14, when all of them except me moved on from the game. From then on I played solo for two more years, mostly staying in Iria.

    I took a hiatus from the game from 2015-2017 in order to focus on college, and because I had nobody to play with now so it got pretty lonesome. I came back in December 2017 and a few days later I met a person who is now a very good friend to me, and later about 3-4 others that I still play with. This is when I really started playing seriously and leveled up/trained skills much faster than I did before. I spend more time on the game than I probably should but ah well..

    My biggest reason for staying on the game is definitely the nostalgia factor; it is the source of great memories and times with people whom I do not talk to anymore (since our old friend group is now disbanded). I'm a huge animal lover so the sheer amount of pets available is also a large appeal to me. Also the combat mechanics and the talent selection is pretty unique as well. I can see myself staying here for a couple more years and I am excited for the future content.
  • [SUBMISSIONS] Anime Cosplay Screenshot Contest


    IGN: Eikourei
    Server: Tarlach
    Anime: Naruto Shippuden
    Character: Nagato (child)

    Ignore the elf ears :P
    Bottom right pic shows the village that he lives in, which is surrounded by an ocean hence my reason for using Scathach Beach as scenery.