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that's a funny trick to play on God
  • Your most nostalgic/best memory of mabinogi

    I was just thinking about this today! It might be a mundane memory but I remember chilling around Tir and seeing a bunch of people harvesting crops at sunset. It was so picturesque but wasn't really special at the time since I would see that all the time in Tir (this was before Iria @_@). But now it's something I think about often.
    I also remember when Iria first opened. It was so fun running into people even though everything was so vast and new. Ugh, feels ;;
  • Why do you play Mabi?

    Started playing around the time with G3 came out. I saw an ad for it in the back of Shonen Jump like many a young weeb and fell in love with the music, storyline, and the art style. I was embarrassingly bad at the game, but I loved exploring and talking to people. I took a long hiatus a little after Iria came out, but got back into it in high school.

    Mabinogi has a very special place in my heart because it's so different. From the aesthetics to the storylines to the different skill sets, mabinogi sets itself apart from many MMOs. Even with its problems (oh God, its problems), I keep coming back because a lot of other games just don't measure up. Idk I hope that all made some kind of sense lol