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!Selling Lots!

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edited November 1, 2017 in Mari Marketplace


✯ #FF6200 Fixed Orange Dyes (16) 150k Each
✯ #2B2B2B Fixed Black/Gray Dye (1)

Finest Leather - 167
Fine Leather - 111
Common Leather - 196
Cheap Leather - 200

Finest Fabric -
Fine Fabric - 14
Common Fabric -
Cheap Fabric -

Finest Silk - 83
Fine Silk - 30
Common Silk - 23
Cheap Silk -
Message Me Your Prices Please!

✯ Blue Upgrade Stones (67) 40k Each
✯ Anti-Fomor Set (M)
✯ Alice In Wonderland Set
✯ Andras Wear
✯ Royal Rose Shoes (M)
✯ Royal Princess Gauntlets
✯ Salamander Wings
✯ Demonic Control Bars
✯ Starlet Dress
✯ Samba Set (F)
✯ Honeycomb Dress
✯ Gamyu's (M) (F)
✯ Odran Outfit
✯ Serentity Rod
✯ Flight Attendant Luggage (3)
✯ Milletian Study Hall Blackboard
✯ Class Clown School Desk
✯ Eluned Detective Shoes (M)
✯ Eluned Royal Rose Hairband (M)
✯ Royal Prince Boots
✯ Pure White Flamerider Boots (F)
✯ Connous Leather Set (F) (2)


✿Brilleun Dress
✿ Glittering Dye Bottles 6k Each Mail
✿ Thin Uncomfortable Twin Horn Cap
✿ Vicious Enchant/Burn
✿ Inconvenient Enchant/Burn
✿ Tidal Enchant
✿ Hope it Rains on Christmas 2nd Title Coupon
✿ Starry Eye Coupon (Elf)

Nm/Add in Game- IGN:Cupkakee or Discord: Ƹ̴Ӂ̴ƷCupkakeeƸ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ#8832