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Fomor Mart Forum Catalog

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edited September 5, 2017 in Tarlach Marketplace
Started in the year 2013 by some random elf that dressed as a demon, Fomor Mart is a shop that always likes to pop up when you least expect it.
Originally more common at Dunbarton, Fomor Mart has found a nice home in Belvast for all of its wonderful trading needs.
While the shop in game holds a small amount of goods, the Forum Catalog will show all goods in stock, complete with mail orders.
Simply offer an acceptable amount of gold while stating your ign, and if accepted, the item will be mailed to you.

Current items in stock:
Royal Knight Armor Sold.
Royal Knight Gauntlet
Royal Knight Boots
Female Samba Festival Outfit Sold
Revealing Swimsuit
Frilly Ribbon Corset
Red Eye Strap Bracelet Sold
Starlet Circle Ear Cuffs
Flight attendant hat
Homestead Chocolate Mouse
Homestead Choco crox creme x2
Homestead Cherry Forret Noire x2
Pilot Shoes Sold
Style Suit Female x4
Style Suit Male x2
Fedora x3
Police Officer shoes male
Police Officer shoes female
Casual Shirt blue x2
Preshool uniform female
Music Q Casual Wear male
Police officer hat male
Police officer hat female
Portia Costume for female giants (commerce outfit)
Autumn fields hat male
Classic giant winter outfit male
Festive Hat
Pumpkin Face Hat
Shaved Ice Hat x2
Tambourine Replica
Police Officer Uniform female x2
Guitar Case
Turban Shell Armor female
Classic Giant Winter Boots female

Items may be removed or added as time goes on.