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Most Desired Revamp Poll


  • NeynaNeyna
    Mabinogi Rep: 3,830
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    edited March 24, 2017
    You know what, maybe we could ask KR to try out making a new minigame in Festia where there's a whole new way to use the fighter skills

    Like Clobber but for fighter-related only? I'd love that. Been using knuckles in Clobber single with AU speed (can't ri+ss which sucks). We (or I ) need KR to love Fighter moar.

    They should add a new attraction/game in Festia too like Cave of Trials (but make it endless? like.. from weakest to the strongest boss we have in this game) or something..

    Q16. Only events I have loved so far are Treasure Box and Homestead Candy Bonanza Event.. I wouldn't mind if they became permanent :D would make reforges more easy to be obtained and dyes too..
  • Darkpixie99Darkpixie99
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    More questions! This time it's a bit more specific.

    Q19: If you picked all of the above, which revamp would you prefer to be launched first? Why does it have such a high priority in your eyes?
    Q20:If you picked All Racial Marriage and Race Rebirth System with Race Balancing, then which one would you prefer to be launched first? Do you believe that leaving Mabinogi out of balance has driven new players away, or encouraged party play?
    Q21:If you picked VIP and Homestead Housing with VIP Service Change Discussion, then would you consider suggesting how Mabinogi housing differs from other game, and why it is either a negative or positive aspect?
    Q22:If you picked Partners, Pets, and Spirit Weapons, then do you feel that these systems could be more involved through exclusive mini games? If not, then please respond into the proper links in the OP.
    Q23:If you picked Dressing Room and Unisex Items + Fanart Contest Announcement/Fanart Showcase, then are you curious about how the other countries view Mabinogi through the world of art? If not, do you just wish for more fan designed outfits to be implemented?
    Q24:If you picked Server Population and Solutions, then have you visited the Server Merge Poll in comment separations? If not, then please do and leave a response there.
    Q25:If you picked Old Skills, New Skill Caps, and New Master Titles, then have you picked the Skill Revamp Poll in comment separations? If not, then please do and leave a response there. If so, then does the lack of attention to skills feel underwhelming compared to other games? If not, then does it just feel as if Nexon has left these skills incomplete?
    Q26:If you picked Cash Shop Remodel and Possible Gachapon Replacement Discussion, then what do you notice about Mabinogi's Cash Shop Model that does and doesn't work from an NA business and consumer relations standpoint?
    Q27:If you picked Reforge and Upgrade System, then would you quote me and explain why?
    Q28:If you picked The Main Inventory System: Additional Tabs and Loss of Style Tab Discussion, then why? How does Mabinogi's inventory system feel different from other games? Does the pay to expand model feel like it doesn't work in this era, or does it just feel very unrewarding?
    Q29:If you picked Surprise Us with new mysterious Concept Art, then are you excited for new content from KR? If so, then what is it? If not, are you expecting something specific to be elaborated on?
  • Darkpixie99Darkpixie99
    Mabinogi Rep: 8,440
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    edited April 5, 2017
    Those of you who wish to jump right into the votes before commenting and reading my notes or comment separation links, rejoice! For the spoiler button has removed the need to scroll so far!

    But please... do read the spoiler buttons so Vmods don't have to move your off topic comments into the separate forums.

    Due to recent harassment towards my incomplete comment separation topics, please excuse any future links that don't work and add in your own thread links in a comment below to keep this thread on topic. I will look forward to never logging in after such a large hiatus on Tarlach, and I certainly will miss seeing your public opinions on these revamp matters. Thank you all for your time, and I sincerely hope that Nexon KR and Nexon NA will listen to your opinions and suggestions. (The Vmods certainly don't seem to care about mine.)