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S> Beauty Coupons&Misc

Mabinogi Rep: 785
Posts: 29
edited September 17, 2017 in Tarlach Marketplace
Beauty Coupons:

All Coupons are Human, Partner, Giant and Elf unless stated otherwise. Note/Mail in game: Sarahsan

Mouth_zpsqmhm9my4.png Mouths:
  • Cordial Smile 50k
  • Gleeful Kitten x 2 50k ea
  • Mischevious Cat 50k
  • Vigilant Mouth x 2 50k ea

Eyes_zps4hhodyr5.png Eyes:
  • Curious Eyes 50k
  • Chic City Slicker 50k
  • Determined 50k
  • Emaciated 50k
  • Innocent Bright x 2 50k ea
  • Intelligent 50k
  • Observant 50k
  • Sentimental x 2 50k ea
  • Smoky 50k

Face_zpsts04myvw.png Face:
  • Droopy Ears Blush (F) - Elf 50k
  • Shooting Star (F) - Human, Partner 50k
  • Shooting Star (M) - Giant 50k

Hair_zpsh0crosy5.png Hair:
  • Girlish Twin Tail (F) 1M
  • Hamlet Hair (M) - Human, Elf, Partner 50k
  • Refined Medium Hair (M) 200k

  • Summer School Uni (Giant F) x 2
  • Chickie Pajamas (F)
  • Traditional Plateau Tribal Hat (M)
  • Space Briefs (M)
  • Clever Student Wig (M) 1.5M
  • Winter Princess Bracelet (F)
  • Ninja Anju's Wig (F)
  • Girl's Wig (F) 500k

  • Vailance Metal Shard 100k
  • Angelic Monkey Staff Appearance Scroll


  • Sarah2Sarah2
    Mabinogi Rep: 785
    Posts: 29
    Sold 2 mouth coupons still in belvast. Most coupons priced at 50k each except Hair Coupons.
  • Sarah2Sarah2
    Mabinogi Rep: 785
    Posts: 29
    Belvast shop shutting down will be on again tomorrow or note offers
  • Sarah2Sarah2
    Mabinogi Rep: 785
    Posts: 29
    Traded Portia Hair still selling heaps of coupons