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Auction Board + Market Parties.

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edited January 10, 2017 in Feedback and Suggestions
Update on marketing?

Marketing parties instead of using dungeon parties!
This would be another selection option on the party menu.
There would be a drop down menu allowing you to pick these one of these prefixes: Selling, Buying, Trading For, Buying + Trading For.
There would then be a box where you type the item to search and select it once it appears.
Also listed on the Market Party settings would be a box where you would type in current offer and another for your buyout.
After creating the party it shows as this in the chat:
Seller | 'Selected Prefix' | Item | Current Offer | Buyout

Anything with the selling prefix would then connect to the auction board. The auction board would be another tab on the Housing + Kiosk board.
It would appear as:
*Item Name* | Current Offer | Buyout | "Note This Seller" Button

Still trying to think of how to make this part work and not sure how to put it, but..
There would be a settings on the board showing items you have for sale. Allowing you to edit current offers, buyouts, and which one you want to appear on the board (since two per person on the board to avoid flooding), and delete them from your list.
It can also update according to your market party. Same item selected on your party = update on that item.

Of course you'd have to note them for specific info, unless another idea is brought upon for this.
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