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New Talent Idea; Irian Crafter

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edited September 22, 2017 in Feedback and Suggestions
There's four certain crafting skills that are quite annoying to level; The Hillwen Engineering and Magic Craft stuff. You don't really get any bonuses with them with any talents, and we all know the horrifying grind it is to get to the higher ranks.

So why not add a new Talent that I will call Irian Crafter.
My reasoning for this as follows;

1. To make it easier to level the skills. Yes, some people like grinding it, but then there's others who are very tired of having to constantly spend weeks and even months just to get that next rank. With your time being halved, you could easily do more things in Mabi.
2. Talent bonuses. An overall boost to Stamina or Dex like the other Life Talents would most likely be out of the question unless you add in a Mana bonus for Magic Craft, but what I think would be great would be an overall boost to success rate with each talent level for both Hillwen Engineering and Magic Craft, and/or gathering speed with their respective skills.
3. Alleveating some of the time will assist with players actually using the Nature Reserve and Mines more. This is one of the more minor reasons, but can help with interraction between players and even making more parties go get things.
4. Result of Grandmastering another Talent. Why not have more for players to accomplish? Some people just really like achievements, and the passives it could give. Sure, you could get the bonuses like Tailor and Apothecary, but there could always be the addition of having more results from getting materials?

Either way, there's a lot of potential here for a new Talent, and it could potentially improve gameplay. Not a large amount, but still an improvement.

Yangkoete in Alexina
  1. What would you want to happen?4 votes
    1. Add the talent and have it combined.
       75% (3 votes)
    2. Add two talents, one for Magic Craft and one for Hillwen Engineering with their gathering skills.
       0% (0 votes)
    3. We don't need an extra talent or two for them.
       25% (1 vote)


  • LaylackLaylack
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    the biggest problem with the mines for me, is the huge just, piles of monsters blocking anything useful.... I dont mind some areas being a little dangerous. but it seems silly that you have sooo many, just piled up on top of each other.... they should be more spread out or somethin