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Selling LOTS of apparal and materials, Note Me

Mabinogi Rep: 3,175
Posts: 266
in Alexina Marketplace
In-game name; Yangkoete

Ribbon Kitty Tail - 15m
Tiger Tail - 3m

Training Pots;
-Act 7; Climactic Crash - 250k
-Refining - 300k
-Bullet Slide - 400k
-Flash Launcher - 400k
-Metal Conversion - 500k

Blue Upgrade Stones (15 of them) - NM
Ice Fabric (3 of them)
Ice SIlk (3 of them)
Finest Leather Pouch (2 of them)
Caravan Joe Tea Table
Artisan Upgrade Removal Kit (2 of them)
Blackened Blade Fragment
Black Sealing Metal
Demonic Ore Fragment
Lightless Metal Fragment
Broken Emblem
Giant Broken Emblem (4 of them)
Complete Skill EXP Potion (Tradeable once, 24 hours.)
Refined Shadow Crystal (42 of them)