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Krissmas Eve's Art Shop ☆

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edited October 8, 2017 in Art Creations

Hi everyone! My name is Krissmas and I'm selling some art for Paypal and NX

•I will ask for payment after the first sketch NX payments are non-refundable
•Please note that I’m a beginner artist and there are some things I can or can’t do.
•I reserve the right to decline a request
•I will draw people outside of video games as long as I have a good reference
•Kemonomimi’s are also fine
•Visual Reference is required

Will not draw

Krissmas_eve on twitter
Discord: Krissmas Eve#9380 (If adding me manually doesn't work, I'm very active on the mabinogi discord server which is here -- )
Or feel free to pm me on the forums!


tumblr_inline_mwijvam4XQ1qid2nw.gifFlat Halfbody: $15 USD or 15k nx
tumblr_inline_mwijvam4XQ1qid2nw.gifFlat Chibi: $7 USD or 15k nx
tumblr_inline_mwijvam4XQ1qid2nw.gifBundle: $20 USD or 20k nx



tumblr_inline_mwijvam4XQ1qid2nw.gifOrder Formtumblr_inline_mwijvam4XQ1qid2nw.gif
Paypal e-mail (can skip if you’re using nx):
Drawing Type:
Additional Details (Personality, Pose, etc.):
Payment amount:

Thank you for looking!! ♥
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