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Can Merlin Mana Knuckles Get Element Reforges?

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edited October 8, 2017 in Help
I've reforged my champ knuckles and I've seen it pop up a few times, but while reforging my Merlin Knuckles i haven't seen it show once. Because they are basically half staff, are they not able to get element reforges? (Ice/Fire/Lightning 1-6)

If anyone knows or has physical proof of an actual Merlin knuckle with an element reforge please let me know.

IGN is Caractacus on Ruairi if that somehow becomes a question.
  1. Can Merlin Mana Knucks Get Element Reforges?5 votes
    1. Yes, they can
       80% (4 votes)
    2. No, they can not
       20% (1 vote)


  • FerghusTheBlacksmithFerghusTheBlacksmith
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    edited October 9, 2017
    They can get Elemental Reforge effects. I used to have a Fire 6 Merlin Knuckle (type 1, very fast 5 hit) I used back then.