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Cannot mount scooter pet

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edited October 9, 2017 in Help
Okay, its the one from the attendance event. I've been able to mount it from when I got it, until now. I'm spamming R and even clicking the 'mount'. Desummoned 3 times and still won't work. I had friends try and it works for them. Any idea on how to fix this or why it broke in the first place?
edit: Okay, so he's summoned and I tried to call him but no response. My alpaca does this too, but with her I'm able to mount her. (Though she sometimes glitches and stops following you)

I have no idea on whats going on.
Edit 2: Okay, he isn't responding to the command sit! but he does to everything else. someone noticed he looks like he's sitting, even when moving? How to fix this.
edit 3: Okay, I havto relog but cant due to an open shop. I still dont know what caused it, but I assume relogging fixes it. If you have any idea on what caused it, pls lemme know. ^^


  • ShouKShouK
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    Have no idea what caused it but something similar happened to me once. It happened right after I continent warped. Suddenly can't mount both my scooter and nimbus. Thought it was lag or something, but I can do everything in the game, moving maps to maps, talking to npcs etc except mounting my pets. Changing channel fixed it but it was annoying nonetheless since I have a shop open at the time too.
  • GretaGreta
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    edited October 10, 2017
    Every time when your pet starts to act weird - just log in as them and run around for a bit.

    It usually fixes the problem as well. I remember when my Black Flamemare bugged once, it got stuck, i desummoned it and when i decided to summon it again, i just couldn't. The summoning window was stuck. Was about to panic when my boyfriend told me to log in as my pet (which i didn't know i can back then, i was newbie that time) and it actually got fixed. When i logged in back to my main character, i was able to summon my Flamemare again.
  • LeiliciaLeilicia
    Mabinogi Rep: 3,220
    Posts: 313
    @ShouK I tried changing channels eventually but that didn't help at all. Only way was to relog. I couldn't even mount a friend's pet...but you know the only pet I could mount..was my glitchy alpaca. squints eyes
    @Greta Ah, I don't think that'll help much for me since I could summon him fine, though I did lag real bad while summoning him. Maybe that was the issue, and it didn't fully register as being summoned? Who knows lol.