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Quitting Sale

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in Mari Marketplace
Posting this here, because I hadn't posted it here yet. Don't reply here, either note me in game (Alveris) or use discord (vi#1803). If you want a live update on everything, click here (It's a google doc).

Prices are just vague guessing. Offer if you need, Lowballs will be denied. Want to be gone by the time Ultimate Coil is out (no release date yet).

Copypasted directly from list

Lymilark Nun Dress
Idol Ribbon Dress (500k)
Ailionoas Skirt (250k)
Premium Newbie Wear (500k)
Long Swordmanship School Uniform (250k)
Gothic Laced Skirt (100k)
Edekais Priest Robe (100k)
Traditional Japanese Clothing F
Bonita Dress (500k)
Romantic Evening Dress (100k)
Bat Jacket M (500k)
Bat Dress F
Emerald Classic Celtic F (3m)
Trinity Wear F (not good stats its literally fashion) (500k)
Pilgrim Wear F
Casual Elementary School (1m)
Crinoline Dress (1m)
Traveler Outfit F (500k)
Traditional Plateau Tribal F (500k)
Sailor Uniform F (500k)
Preschool Uniform F
Halloween Vampire Dress (1m)
Bunny Ribbon Suit (2m) (in shop)
Millia’s Exploration Outfit (2m)
Rhetoi Rabbit F (2.5m) (C/O 1m)
Dowras Outfit (2m)
Magus Crest F (2m)
Zorro M ( in shop)
Yukata Mini m (will sell for 2m)
Vanalen Rain Slicker F (1m)
Maid Outfit (will sell for 1.5m)
Portia Costume (C/O 1m A/W 3m)
Odran (will sell for 5m)(C/O 2m)
Summer School F (will sell for 2m) (in shop)
Bear Pajamas (500k) (in shop)
Frilly Nightgown (1m )
Women’s Club Suit (100k)
Pierrot Clothes (will sell for 1.5m)
Shamala M (will sell for 1m)
Pumpkin bat F (will sell for 2m)
Gamyu Wizard M (500k) (in shop)
Mini Nurse (will sell for 750k)
Hawaiian Swimsuit F (200k)
Devil Costume (Will sell for 2m)
Flight Attendant Outfit F (100k)
Culinary Artist F (will sell for 1m)
Theatrical Troupe F (will sell for 4m)
Treasure Hunter F (will sell for 1.5m)
Winter Princess (will sell for 3m)
Macaron Mistress F (will sell for 2m)
Womens Spade Suit F (200k)
Cross Empire F (will sell for 2m)
Classic Swimsuit F (100k)
Mystic Cirque F (C/O 1.5m A/W 3m, 3.5 for shoes)
Cessair Commander (will sell for 3m)
Ruffled Halter Negligee (will sell for 2m)
Chickie Pantaloons (1m)
Chickie Pajamas F (1m)
Royal Rose F (will sell for 4m)
Laighlinne Hunting Garment (will sell for 5m)
Sheer Sailor One Piece (will sell for 1.5m)
Lymilark Choir F (C/O 2.5m will sell for 7m)
I <3 Avelin Tee (500k)
Glamour Dress (4.5m, 5m as set)
Reaper outfit F (will sell for 3m)
Special Newbie Type A (250k)
Illyasviel Casual (will sell for 3m)
Kyle Formal (will sell for 4m)
Colton Hunting (will sell for 1m)
William Preppy (will sell for 1m)
Kuon’s outfit x 1 (1 sold) (will sell for 2m)
Rurutie’s outfit (C/O 1m) (whoever offered on this come pick it up) (Pick this up soon or it is going in shop) (in shop)
Atui’s outfit (C/O 2m) (will sell for 5m)
Winter Messenger Outfit F (C/O 1m) (will sell for 3m)
Patissiere Uniform F (will sell for 1m)

Furry Bunny Headband 5 (50k)
Heart Shaped Glasses (500k)
Winged Wizard Hat (300k)
Bat Hat (150k)
Teeny Nao (its plain) (will sell for 500k)
Eirawen’s Tiara (1m)
Carrot Muncher Mask (1m)
Bell Fox Ornament (will sell for 1m)
Pierrot Hat (500k)
Incubus Siren Horns F (500k)
Bunny Hairpin (250k)
Vampire Hunter Hat F (500k)
Winter Princess Coronet (1m)
Wiggling folded Dog ear (3m)
Wiggling bunny ear (3m)
Waffle Witch Hat (will sell for 2m)
Droopy dog headband (500k)
Chang’e Headdress (500k)

Bonita Plumed Ankle Boots (200k)
Alice Shoes (50k)
Bat Boots (500k)
Hebona Shoes (firebolt 2) (500k)
Trinity Shoes (2/3) (300k)
Vanalen Rainboots (250k)
Halloween Vampire Shoes (1m) (in shop)
Pumpkin Bat Shoes (250k)
Magus Crest Shoes F (500k)
Femme Fatale Shoes F (250k)
Incubus Siren boots F (500k)
Scathach Shoes (500k)
Witch Scathach Shoes (500k)
Gothic Lolita Shoes (200k)
Rhetoi Rabbit Shoes F (250k)
Summer Weave Shoes (200k)
Vampire Hunter Boots F (1m)
Police officer shoes F (250k)
Night Witch Boots (1.5m)
Lovely Snowflake Boots F (500k)
Winter Princess Boots (500k)
Macaron Mistress Shoes F (1m)
Mystic Cirque Boots F (1m)
Cessair Commander Boots (3m)
Bubbly Sailor Sandals (1m)
Lacy Sailor Sandals (250k)
Lymilark Choir Shoes (250k)
Reaper Shoes F (250k)
Waffle Witch Shoes (1m)
Winter Messenger Shoes F (500k)
Justice suit boots (250k)

Dowra (C/O 300k) (A/W 1m) (in shop)
Cessair’s Heart (1m) (in shop)
Portia (1m)
Eirawen no Tiara (250k) (in shop)
Scathach earring (500k) (in shop)
Pierrot (500k) (in shop)
Girls hair (1m) (in shop)
Anju Tanuki Ear (wiggles) (1m)
Kirito (2m) (in shop)
Sweet ribbon Starlet (4m)
Macha (taking offers on this)
Macaroon Mistress Hat (1.5m) (in shop)
Starlet (Plain) (2m)
Starlet Silver Brooch (2m) (in shop)
Brilluen Horn (2m)
Fallen Fairy (2.5m)
Fallen Fairy Horned (1.5m)
Tea party Rabbit (2.5m) (C/O 1m)
Urban F (3m)
Waffle witch & Hat (4m)
Avelin M (1m)
Caswyn F (500k) (in shop)
Patisserie Wig F (2m) C/O 1.5m
Patisserie Wig & Hat F (1m)

Tiny Fallen Angel Wings (will sell for 7m)
Pink Butterfly Wings (will sell for 3m)
Pilgrim Robe F (will sell for 3m)

Chairs, toy weapons, etc:
Cichol flying Puppet (250k)
Ghost Balloon (250k)
Guitar Case (500k)
Kuon Tail (C/O 3m A/W 7.5m)

Homestead stuff:
Illyasviel, Saber, Rin, Archer figures (FSN event) (Will sell for 2.5m each)

Misc items:
Notorious magic powder x 1 (idk price offer on it)
A ton of enchants (Trustworthy, Hyena Hunter’s, Extraordinary, Metal Needle, Handicapping, Pitch Black, Raging, Hamster Hunter, Death Arrow, Mana Hammer) (idk how to price scrolls)
Jabchiels music score (3) x 1 (250k) (in shop)
Unrestricted dungeon passes (Just hit me up for service these are untradeable)

Savage Fire Wand R2 M atk +4 (No lines yet) (500k)
A ton of instruments (still have a few left)
Raccoon Cub Pirate Captain Suit (Doing a guess on the value of this, somewhere around 10m?)
Rebis Guard Cylinder R2 (no lines) x 2 (2.5m each)
Bohemian M Overall (2/3)
Bohemian F Overall (0/3)
Not selling anything bound to my character just a heads up.


  • mintielmintiel
    Mabinogi Rep: 2,465
    Posts: 198
    Its gone y'all can stop adding me on discord also no its none of your business what i'm doing with the money