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S> Literally everything I own

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edited October 20, 2017 in Tarlach Marketplace
F Detective Outfit - 5m
Cosmic Princess Wig with Crown - 2.5m
Pilgrim Robe- 4m
Patissiere Outfit - 500k
Cross Empire Wig - 1.5m
Cosmic Mini Dress- c.o 8m (offer more?)
Spirit Digestive Elixir (2) 1m ea
Cessair Commander outfit - 1m
Braided Pigtail Wig w/ Charms - 1m
School Chair - 250k
M Eluned Detective - 2.5m
Incubus Siren Horns - nmo
Wiggling folded dog ears - 250k
Pumpkin Bat Costume M- 1m
Gamyu Wizard Robe M- 500k
Cross Empire Uniform (with barrier spikes map hp 20 lvl if you care) 2.5m
Oshutoru's Outfit- 1m
Ninja Hagi's Wig (no ears) 250k
Samba Festival Wig F - 250k
Sad that this is all I own that's sellable.
Magic Academy Jr/Sr robe if cheap/if I get more items sold (M/F depending on what sells )
Note me in game Leilicia