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Sleepy Wolf Portraits ᕙ༼◕ ᴥ ◕༽ᕗ (Tarlach)

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edited December 16, 2017 in Art Creations
CLOSED FOR HOLIDAYS! I'll be back next year!

Saving monies for trips and stuff so opening a few of my regular comms here with GOLD, PayPal, Ko-fi options. Payment can also be a mix of those options if need be. Only 3 gold slots, unless I open more at some point. After those are taken it'll be just PayPal sorry ;-;

* Single character only this time. One order per slot.
* They will be done in the style and detail of the example below. Kind of a NPC style portrait.
* No wings pls ;-; but if you must have them +500k/$3.00 for cupid size 1m/$5.00 for large?

Note: I don't really want to do full bodies cause they would end up being very pricey gold wise for ppl in this style & too many might be too much for me, so If you're really interested in that option ask me about it. I'm on Tarlach so I can only accept gold there. Also willing to take items for payment as listed below.

Bust = 3.5m | 20k NX | $20 USD
Waist-up = 6m | 30k NX | $30 USD
Thigh-up = 8m | 35k NX | $35 USD
Full Body = 12m | 40k NX | $40 USD

Blink add-on/each additional face expressions = 500k | 2k NX | $2.00 USD

Animation Example: lemme know if you actually want that black npc bar on bottom
Items for Art:
I don't really know prices so if anything's off just pm me~

Homestead Garden Work Bench = 1.5m credit each
Black Holy Feather Wings = 15m
Laighlinne Metal Heel Greaves 4m credit
Magic Academy Robe for Seniors (F) = 20m credit
Succubus wig with ears = 25m credit

IGN & Server:
Art Type:
Blink: Yes/No
Additional faces: Y/N (if yes describe)
Character References:
Pose Ref/idea: (optional)
Additional details/notes:
Form of Payment:
PAYMENT & Process
*Commissions will be sketched and shown before proceeding with lineart and color. Feel free to ask for any changes during these stages!
*Payment is required after approved sketch. You can also send it earlier if you want, but only if you are in the current slots please!
*Payment can be a mix of gold, NX, or items if needed.

Meet up with check, request a junk mail sent to you, or simply mail check to me. Gold transfers are OK!

If buying with NX, I will need the code messaged to me privately via Tumblr, Discord, Twitter, DA, or Skype, etc.

PayPal.Me or Ko-fi~♥ or if you want a PayPal Invoice send me your email privately.

IGN: Okamixdimsum (Tarlach)
Discord: °˖✧Okachi (Kim) ᕙ༼◕ ᴥ ◕༽ᕗ✧˖°#2541
*NO: nsfw, excessive gore, mech, detailed armor
*YES: Mabi charas, ocs, other game characters are OK!
*Please do not remove my watermarks.
*For personal use only, no commercial use.
*Do not heavily trace or edit my art.
*Please be nice and let's have fun!

Thank you for reading~ ♥
°˖✧ ᕙ༼◕ ᴥ ◕༽ᕗ✧˖°

Tumblr | DeviantArt | Ko-Fi | My Website


  • OkamixdimsumOkamixdimsum
    Mabinogi Rep: 3,715
    Posts: 236
    edited December 16, 2017
    PayPal Slots: unlimited
    Temperarily closed for holidays!

    Gold Slots:
    1. Zerukan
    2. Mikitsue
  • OkamixdimsumOkamixdimsum
    Mabinogi Rep: 3,715
    Posts: 236
    edited December 2, 2017
    Completed Stuff:
  • OkamixdimsumOkamixdimsum
    Mabinogi Rep: 3,715
    Posts: 236
    edited October 24, 2017
    quick spoopy art of my favorite waifu Pyonko~

  • OkamixdimsumOkamixdimsum
    Mabinogi Rep: 3,715
    Posts: 236
    edited October 27, 2017
    Sketch progress for Zerukan of his ffxiv chara~


    update: I colored the face last night and was so satisfied +_+

  • MekashaMekasha
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,250
    Posts: 36
    IGN & Server: Mekasha of Mari
    Art Type: Thigh-up portrait
    Blink: Yes

    Additional faces: Y
    Maybe the original face can be a “disinterested in you/what you’re saying” expression, so then the next expression can be a
    1. “offended by what you said” or her being “passionately argumentative” at the viewer—then it just goes back into the “disinterested” expression.
    Not sure how many expressions you’re comfortable with, but maybe there can be a
    2. “oh—that’s surprising” face transitioning to a
    3. slight smile/smirk as if she’s thinking “that’s actually a funny joke.” The overall idea with the last two expressions is to show she has been pleasantly surprised and I think that adds a little depth as opposed to her being a permanently angry npc lol. This is just an idea, so feel free to play with the sequencing of this. (>w<)b

    Character References: Tsukuruya
    Pose Ref/idea: up to you, based off notes (below).

    Additional details/notes:
    1/ Personality – disinterested in most things, short-tempered, blunt & vulgar, friends label her as a “stereotype biker-chick” which annoys her. She is overly generous with (gifts/emotional support for) her close friends, which surprises most people because of how openly blunt & vulgar she is.
    2/ I was wondering if I may have the thigh-up version without the black-bar, then have a cropped version at the waist with the black bar. I would be okay with the thigh-up version having a black bar too—as long as there is a version of the thigh-up without the black bar :’D I apologize if that’s too complex. Q_Q

    P.S. Just to clarify, this character belongs to a friend. (^_^)b

    Form of Payment: Paypal/ko-fi (either is fine)
  • OkamixdimsumOkamixdimsum
    Mabinogi Rep: 3,715
    Posts: 236
    Smol update, here's two from November, one more left. Fell a little behind with other projects going on ;w;

    For @Mekasha

    and for Snowie