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Ya. Nexon you should fix this...

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in General Chat

the age potions from the pumpkin shop are trad-able....except their really not...
so my ingame mom went to buy a couple of the Age potion- 9 year old to give to me. however. she was met with the pop up when buying one saying that if she accepts it the amount of trades will decrease by one. as if shes trading them to another player. but she snot. shes buying them off a NPC.

so ya. really disappointing right now because she cant give them to me even tho it says she would be able to. can you please fix this before the event ends?


  • nevyn25nevyn25
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    I've had that once myself, but if I remember correctly it should still be tradable once, since trades are only counted between players
  • IyasenuIyasenu
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    edited October 27, 2017
    Even though that message appears, the trade count actually won't decrease when you buy it from the NPC.
  • CrimsọnCrimsọn
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    Iyasenu wrote: »
    Even though that message appears, the trade count actually won't decrease when you buy it from the NPC.

    Yeah she can still give them to you. The trade count will go to zero as soon as you receive them from her. A little warning pops up indicating this, but that's ok because I assume you are going to use them as you receive it right?
  • ArjuneArjune
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    edited October 27, 2017
    I think it's just letting you know that the item has a trade limit in the first place
  • ZarricZarric
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    Yep, you don't need to worry about the trade limit with NPC's, it doesn't include them for that total, only if it's real characters.
    It actually did the same thing and made me second guess myself during the Peddler Event so I bought something I was going to use anyways and found that out.
  • CoreyLyah11CoreyLyah11
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  • MahaousMahaous
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    vision glitch