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edited November 7, 2017 in Mari Marketplace
Hi! Note me offers or add on discord. I don't log on Mabi often.
Discord: Lucy/Shioren/Cresai#4809
IGN: Cresai

I'm selling these:
-Ensemble Chord Gloomy Playing Effect Lv. 17 and Normal Effect Lv. 7 Unlocked SOLD
-Allegro Sonnet Celtic Cross: (Has three lines) SOLD
M.K. Normal Effect Lv 2 and Flame Burst Max Dmg Lv 2
-Allegro Sonnet Ring Torque: (Has three lines) SOLD
Carpentry Wood Chopping Success Rate Lv 3
-Tintable Blooming Wings No dyes included
Wings: #37B5BE
-Odd Kitty Outfit set F