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Beauty Coupons Should Be Permanent Unlocks

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in Feedback and Suggestions
What I'm proposing is to cut the nonsense. As it stands, buying and using beauty coupons, especially for the face for which there is no storage available, is a generally bad decision that forces you to stick with the style you chose or regret it once you feel like changing again.

And no, the storage coupons aren't a good fix for this. 6k just to be able to switch back once? That's just downright unnecessary if not insulting, especially given the price in Gold of a lot of these. Not everything has to milk the players for all they're worth. Or, maybe it does, I understand something's gotta keep this game afloat but I thought Reforges had that covered. Cash items used to feel like some bonus thing to help speed along a process or fix a mistake, this is just a scumbag move to make people pay for something that really shouldn't warrant it. Dyes are pretty scummy in concept too, but they're much cheaper than this by comparison.

I realize I could be wrong, so honestly how many people actually put a lot of money into keeping their hairstyle? Moreover, how many people, who don't buy these, would buy them if a single use rendered the style permanent? Heck, even if you had to get the Storage to make it permanent, I'd be all over that.


  • HellkaizerHellkaizer
    Mabinogi Rep: 11,305
    Posts: 1,066
    I have patissier hair M. Switching hairstyles could be a permanent loss, or at the least a VERY expensive one. Unless I want to pay 6k nx I can't change my base hairstyle, not that I would but I still can't. I wish they were permanent unlocks, or maybe the 6k nx item used on a coupon would make it unlocked?
  • UberchaoUberchao
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,590
    Posts: 33
    Yeah that's basically the idea. 6k honestly wouldn't be too much to unlock it permanently, it kinda sucks but I'd go for it.
    They saw we wanted this sort of thing and went for the absolute scummiest answer to it they could, and it's so plainly visible it's ridiculous. Why create the extra hassle if these things tend to already be expensive as hell in-game, right?
  • SherriSherri
    Mabinogi Rep: 18,510
    Posts: 2,780
    100% support. I was another person hoping they would come out with a system but instead they changed it to a way we get our money milked from us.
    Not to mention that an Eye Coupon is on it's way too, oh boy!

    I'm getting really sick of this crap and I'm sick of being shrugged off by people (most likely all whales) for just being 'butthurt'.
    Not everyone has the money to burn!! I am getting close to shoving the whales' NX up their fat--

    *tackled by at least 1000 moderators*