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Peithir's Selling List.

Mabinogi Rep: 300
Post: 1
in Ruairi Marketplace
Hello! I started playing again after being absent for over a year, so I'm not exactly sure what most of these are worth but I'm up for any offers. Mainly just want this stuff out of my inventory.

Untamed Spike Dragon Fang
Fixed Flashy Dye Ampoules
Fixed Color Dye Ampoules
Talvish Wig (M)
Brilluen Wig (M)
Brilluen Wig and Horns (M)
Dragon Shield
Cross Empire Gale Cylinder
Avelin's Greaves
Ladeca Robe
Preschool Uniform (M)
Bunny Ribbon Suit
Caswyn Wig
Police Officer Hat (M)
Style Suit (M)
Blessed Fine Barbaric Fox Scythe
Battleborn Helmet (F) (2)
Bat Jacket (M)
Bat Hat
Dragon Blade
See-Through Cocktail Dress