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Leafs Surprise Shop ☆ Alexina ☆ Open

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edited December 5, 2017 in Art Creations
hello!! now that everyones been able to catch a break from my incessant posting for a couple of months, im back again but im going to be doing my art shop a little differently
ive been changing my style pretty much picture to picture so i didnt want to open an art shop with a guarantee style so instead ill shake it up a bit!

☆ Everything will cost a flat fee of 3mil ☆

give me a character reference and for that 3mil youll get a half-body full colored drawing but the art style of it will be a surprise!
for reference here's art of mine for the past year and any styles i use will run along these lines generally:


any commissions will also be posted on my mabi tumblr or my art tumblr for non mabi related pics

post ign, and any refs
complicated outfits may be simplified
wings = ok
furries/anthros = ok
non-mabi ocs = ok
fanart = ok
server transfers = ok
i wont do nsfw but revealing clothing like swimsuits and stuff like that is alright

post ign, server, and any character refs

ill only be doing this for a week or something like that, ill open a proper art shop soon