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New Year Suggestions?

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edited December 18, 2017 in Feedback and Suggestions
Reason i have my title like that is because i came up with an idea that i'm sure a lot of people will like or at least that's my opinion, lol.
Nexon should hear me out on this so i hope a few mods or so sees this and hopefully have it AT LEAST mentioned about it to top peeps lol, idk, idk how much "power" mods and etc have or if people will even consider this, ANYWAYS i'm blabbering too much, SO my SUGGESTION or - i guess - idea is we can host an art contest, make a character with a cute story line/past everyone in the nexon community look at all the people who submitted their artwork and whoever wins, their character gets implemented for a WHOLE month(maybe longer if Nexon likes it). maybe for an upcoming event in near futures? or something. idk, i like this idea, and i'd like to see how ALL regions do or go about this.
  1. Is this idea good or bad?4 votes
    1. This is actually a pretty good idea! *if you want to input your thoughts on it, just comment!♥*
       75% (3 votes)
    2. This is a dumb/terrible idea, why? *issue with my suggestion, then comment*
       25% (1 vote)