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living up to talent title

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edited December 19, 2017 in General Chat
as you guys can see I'm truly living up to my talent title. I swing my chain so fast it just seems to hang still xD
*disclaimer* my fallen fairy isn't even summoned here
so has anyone else had glitches which added to talent titles?


  • IyasenuIyasenu
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    Beating up Jabchiel with Music in the Musical Math Dungeon gives you a pillar of light above your head.
    That glitch doesn't make it go away on your screen, so it can add something to accentuate any "Holy" talent title.

    And if you go into the Alban Knights Training Grounds and are lucky enough to get a treasure room, the confetti effect from it will also get stuck.
    That can pair with something like Cheerleader or something.