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Dango's Christmas Event ♥ All gifts Posted ♥


  • NyuuHokusaiNyuuHokusai
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    Marielx wrote: »
    ...But I got a winning box, and you did deliver to me, what are you talking about?

    Oh my LOL...
    SO, I re-read the entire thread before replying to these last comments and I had just seen Danny be sad about her not getting a box, and that got like stuck on my mind and I was sad for the people that got an empty box, so when I came here to reply I read your comment and for some reason I thought that was made in an ironic/sarcastic way and since I was still thinking about the ppl who didn't get to win I just assumed you were a part of them without even stopping and thinking a bit LOL QQ!!!
    I still hope you liked your maid icon QQ Everytime I see ppl drawing her is really cool how she can look cute and edgy and op at the same time haha, a maid with a sword, what an interesting combination ;O;!
    But yeah QQ sorry LOL
  • MarielxMarielx
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    Oh, so you mistook me for someone else.

    No problem, and yeah i liked my drawing a lot, thank you, good luck.