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Nexon, It Is about time you Posted Gachapon odds

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edited December 23, 2017 in Feedback and Suggestions
With the burst of Rage caused by Star Wars Battle front II By EA and their practices with loot Boxes being Essentially gambling. The gachapons in mabinogi may fall under taciturnity in the future because it is a form a gambling. And with Sever Poetical Figures Working on dealing with legislation that involve Loot Boxes and gachapons, it's a matter of time before they demand all game companies Post their odds for randomly paid for items or buffs like Reforges. Apple has already now made it a standard in the states now for games that exchange cash for randomly generated items to now make their odds known! I know that Nexon In Japan has to have their odds posted due to the laws that are in that country so i know it's possible. As a Player Who has enjoyed you game for many, many year. I want to suggest that it would be in the best interest in your Consumers to post those odds now that EA's massive slip up has brought a lot of attention to this practices.
We enjoy your game and honestly posting this information isn't exactly game breaking since that game is still popular in Japan's server. I'd rather see Nexon make a step in good faith in it's customers to post this information first before it becomes law. I know that this might take a while for this to go through the courts but eventually it will happen.

  1. Should Nexon NA Disclose it's Odd's on random cash Shop Items?19 votes
    1. Yes
       74% (14 votes)
    2. No
       26% (5 votes)