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Remove group shadow missions from daily cycle

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in Feedback and Suggestions
Some people can't get on Mabi til later on at night where barely anyone is on nor is wanting to do the group shadow missions. I.E. Rescue the scout, Tali. Defensive Battle. I think it would be very beneficial to the people who play alone or cannot find a party.


  • NegumikoNegumiko
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    edited January 1, 2018
    agreed, the missions requiring more then 1 player in Tailteann are lame. rescue the scout can easily be done solo with ninja and some basic healing magic (to heal the npc guards you have to keep alive) shadow missions could use a serious revamp as most of them are boring and have quite a few bugs. almost every area in Uladh has been used for a shadow mission. I think a form of Iria shadow missions would be a good idea for new missions. like some kind of shadow alter (or something similar to it) in the Muyu Desert with missions that explain what the Muyu desert was and how it looked when it was a city. it would be a good chance to add new interesting areas, new music, and new monsters for shadow missions.
  • ZuomoZuomo
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    Just no. Its the small remnant of required multiplayer in a MMORPG that had its roots in being a social game. Not even a thing forced on you to do, just if you want dailies done.

    Some suggestions: Join a guild. Go to your servers designated server where everyone gathers around cuz they are selling stuff. Open party advertisements. Ask randoms.
    You don't even have to talk to people with half of these methods. Even if someone is stubborn enough or a wannabe kirito enough to wanna solo everything, then you can simply ask for people to drop you in.

    I agree with revamping or adding more creative shadow missions though.