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4 Anyone Whom Will Draw Me 4 Free♥

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in Art Creations
So, there are a lot of people out there that draw people for free! Sometimes I see their post, and sometimes I do not.
Instead of me constantly posting on as many people's forum as possible for them freebies, I'm just making a post here.
This link will bring you a video I did it has a more "close up" so you may see more detail in the face.
IN the video description, tells you what I would LIKE, but what i'd like is CERTAINLY optional.
"She's a squirrel - which is why she has ears and a tail - but I wear glasses IRL which is why I'd like her to wear glasses as well."
You can use the sailor outfit if you think it'll be easier to draw, but i mainly wear the Coat outfit, which is this.
(click on the spoiler to see my main outfit)

A few people have already done her, they are absolutely beautiful♥
But since I have a LOT of them, i'm only showing 2 digital and 2 traditional
Here's the 2 digitals
Made By: (Dyes)Bloodie
Made By: MorbidMist
Here's the 2 traditionals
Made By: WingedBunnie
Made By: Michi

They're all amazing and i'd happily buy art from all of them if i wasn't so broke... ANYWAYS feel free to happily draw me my avatar♥
And hey, if you happen to like my art(I only do traditional) I'd be more than happy if we can do art trades! ^~^♥
  1. Here's my DeviantART link if you want to see my drawings!> votes
    1. Art Trades sounds fun! :D I'd love to do this with ya!! (Great!
       0% (0 votes)
    2. I like that you credited these forum users on their work! (Of course! It's not my work so :3 )
       20% (1 vote)
    3. I'll pass on this, but someone will find this fun! (It's all good! To each their own.♥♥)
       40% (2 votes)
    4. This is stupid ( /) = _=)/)~ (Then why are you in here?
       40% (2 votes)