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The Mabinogi Art Discord

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edited January 10, 2018 in Fan Creations
My friend created a Mabinogi Art Discord not to long ago for everyone on Mabinogi who enjoys to create art or enjoys to view art to have another place to discuss, share, and support art and other artists. Please join if you're interested.

We welcome you with warm arms. :-)


  • MarielxMarielx
    Mabinogi Rep: 2,600
    Posts: 300
    Im no artist but its cool you guys try to gther to share stuff.
  • EastSeaEastSea
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,250
    Posts: 42
    The Mabinogi Artistry Server has a lot to offer, including weekly themes, tutorials, Commissions profiles and requests, and much more. Don't miss out on this fine opportunity to share your work and get some advice from some of the best on the game!

    If you've already joined, put your two-cents in today! We're listening!