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More Balanced Elves?


  • GretaGreta
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    Julie wrote: »
    Greta wrote: »
    Julie wrote: »
    Dark skin and dark hair are not the same. :/ Even then, due to the inconsistent regards to lore by the developers, why should we care? It infringes upon customization options at the behest of the playerbase, and benefits virtually no one.

    Which by the way, Elves now have black hair as a free option. As for dark skin, there's nothing explicitly stated in the lore about such a thing.

    Elves were always able to have black hair, so its not against the lore to have it as an option, it just happens to be taboo in their culture, that doesnt mean they still cant be born with it, otherwise there wouldnt be elves getting killed over it. Besides theres 2 elven npcs with black hair. *remembers Maike* wait no make that 3 :D

    Maike's hair is dark blue or so. The only elf i can recall having black hair is Atrata. Can't remember any more of elf NPC's with black hair.

    theres also Yvona


    Ohhhh, yeah. :D
  • ZeoZeo
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    edited February 6, 2018
    bunny11 wrote: »
    On customization changes, the elves of Mabinogi are described repeatedly and expicitly as being of fair skin in the game lore, and until anyone presents evidence to the contrary then the suggestion is ridiculous. Black haired elves have already been explained ingame.

    I love how you continue ignore what I (along with others) have been asking you many times, even on our previous forum (second version: and fail to provide the actual source (such as ingame screenshot) where it was stated that elves cannot have dark skintones. Please provide the actual ingame screenshot that literally stated elves cannot have the dark skintones. Otherwise, you really have no basis with this. Just because nothing was mentioned in game does not mean elves can’t have the dark skin.

    Also, maybe some of the elven NPCs are described in the description to have the fair or light skin but that does not equate to elves not being able to have the dark skin.

    I am sorry but unless you can find/provide any ingame screenshot from Mabinogi where it was SPECIFICALLY stated elves ar not supposed to have dark skintones, you don’t have any basis in saying that elves have dark skintones.

    Also.. if elves are meant to ONLY have fair/light skin, care to explain why we already have several elven NPCs with darker than usual skintone?

    Elf NPC #1... from the Samhain event.

    Elf NPC #2... one of the lost elves in Connous.

    Elf NPC #3... one of the elven Cheer Squads from the jousting arena. I also included a second picture of myself with the darkest skintone available to us right now so you can compare the skintone of the female Cheer Squad elf!

    Elf NPC #4... another elven Cheer Squad from the jousting arena. I included myself (pink and red outfit) while using the darkest skintone we could use as an elf to compare to the male Cheer Squad elf so you can see some difference.

    I would love to hear your explanation for that. Oh wait, you’ll just dodge my question again like always. :^)
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