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Summoning Doll Bags in Homesteads

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in Feedback and Suggestions
Ok I tried to use the search function to see if this has been asked for or discussed before, but since the search function here is so awful I will just go ahead and post about it!
So myself and I am sure many people (especially out of the US) play with a ton of latency. Most of the time when gathering, if I get a huge lucky and don't have dolls to help me pick it up half of it will disappear before I can get to it. Doll bags make my life so much easier!
Oh that note, I would like to gather the herbs I have in my homestead. They are there to be used after all. But since I cannot summon my young Tarlach doll in homesteads, any time I get a huge lucky I can only pick up around 8-12 herbs before the rest goes bye-bye.

So my suggestion is this:
Let us use doll bags in our homesteads! They aren't pets so you won't have to worry about us ferrying people out on them.
Even though that's entirely possible to do with partner mounts anyways and you still sold those to us!

It would certainly make my life easier, and I am sure people with lag would be much happier gathering things in their homestead.
  1. Allow doll bag usage in homesteads?9 votes
    1. Yes
       100% (9 votes)
    2. No
       0% (0 votes)


  • KatharpyKatharpy
    Mabinogi Rep: 600
    Posts: 21
    This seems like it's be a nice idea, but I get a lot of huge luck's lately but I've never had a problem of them de-spawning before I can pick them all up (wool, herbs, gold, ore, etc)
  • YangKoeteYangKoete
    Mabinogi Rep: 3,175
    Posts: 266
    Pets AND the Puppet bags would be great.
  • NegumikoNegumiko
    Mabinogi Rep: 9,775
    Posts: 1,310
    edited February 3, 2018
    never had the problem of my herbs expiring before I can get to them but it would be nice if you could summon doll bags there. my herb garden never gets used cause I don't feel like picking up over 50 herbs by clicking all them time. and some of them land in a weird spot on your herb patch and you will accidentally click on the patch and harvest instead. you can already use mini gem summons and partner summons there so we should be able to summon doll bags since the gathering ones will actually do something useful.