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Inventory Cleanup
So I just went and hopped to a female character from my male elf and I gotta sell off my stuff~
Prices are not set. Just placing what I remember the amount I spent for most of them- others have already been deducted in price!
Please feel free to note offers to jekko in-game.

Head gear
Hebona Circlet ~ 150k
Colossus Helm (M)
Rhetoi's Rabbit Hat (M) ~ 100k
Santa's Helper Hat (M) ~ 300k
Detective Hat (M) ~ 450k
White Bear Hat (M) ~ 20k

Hamlet's Scarred Wig ~ 450k
Hamlet Wig ~ 450k
Mad Paris Wig ~ 300k
Bossanio Wig ~ 850k
Lugh Wig ~ 100k
Talvish Wig ~ 1m
Awakened Tarlach Wig ~ 850k
Refined Medium Wig & Glasses ~ 750k
Sporty Layered Wig ~ 450k
Urban Wig (M) ~ 200k
Brilluen Wig (M) ~ 700k
Bright Student Wig (M) ~ 450k
Meryl Wig (M) ~ 1.5m
Waffle Wizard Wig ~ 3.5m
Waffle Wizard Wig & Hat ~ 850k
Avelin Wig (M) ~ 700k
Haku's Wig ~ 1m
Patissier Wig (M) ~ 700k
Samba Festival Wig (M) ~ 4m
Afternoon Tea Feathered Wig (M) ~ 1.5m
Matador Wig (M) ~ 600k
Magic Academy Wig (M) ~ 3m
Divine Demigod Wig (M) ~ 1m
Fledgling Assassin Wig (M) ~ 1.5m
Jeweler Wig (M) ~ 3m
Mystic Celtic Wig (M) ~ 2.5m
Romantic Rose Wig (M) ~ 3m
Lovely Cupid Wig & Hair piece (M) ~ 1.5m
Private Academy Parted Layered Wavy Wig (M) ~ 3m
Deputy Commander Wig & Monocle (M) ~ 650k
Desert Warrior Wig (M) ~ 1.5m
Natural Loose Wave Wig (M) ~ 450k
Reinhard Wig (M) ~ 450k
Vanguard Uniform Wig (M) ~ 850k
Fallen Fairy Wig (M) ~ 3m
Private Academy Layered Straight Cut Wig (M) ~ 3m
Imperial Commander Wig (M) ~ 8m
Kirito Wig (M) ~ 1.5m
Count Cookie Wig (M) ~ 800k

Traditional Korean Outfit (M) ~ 300k
Eluned Cavalier Suit (M) ~ 500k
Casual Elementary School Uniform (M) ~ 250k
Traveler Outfit (M) ~ 150k
Preschool Uniform (M) ~ 20k
Halloween Vampire Suit (M) ~ 1.5m
New Semester School Uniform (M) ~ 500k
After School Uniform (M) ~ 850k
Magus Crest Outift (M) *Rank 1 ~ 800k
Hamlet's Costume ~ 650k
Traditional Korean Oufit 2 (M) ~ 350k
Mabinogi School Uniform (M) ~ 50k
Mad Hatter's Costume (M) ~ 850k
Padan's Garb *Cannot be dyed ~700k
Shylock's Costume ~ 1.5k
Bossanio's Costume ~ 1.5m
Summer School Uniform (M) ~ 800k
Gothic Lolita Leather Suit (M) ~ 850k
Snowflake Coat (M) ~ 500k
Police Officer Uniform (M) ~ 200k
Theatrical Troupe Outfit (M) ~ 350k
Battle School Uniform (M) ~ 850k
Night Mage Robe (M) ~ 500k
Santa's Helper Outfit (M) ~ 500k
Old Saint Nick Outfit (M) ~ 750k
Lovely Snowflake Coat (M) ~ 850k
Royal Academy Casual Uniform (M) ~ 450k
Royal Academy Gym Teacher Outfit (M) ~ 3m
Royal Academy Math Teacher Outfit (M) ~ 850k
Brilluen Tail Suit (M) ~ 700k
Elite Student Uniform (M) ~ 700k
Smart Student Uniform (M) ~ 1.5m
Special Newbie Wear Type C (M) ~ 500k
Ukon's Outfit ~ 1.5m
Eluned Chickie Pajamas (M) ~ 800k
Otherworldly Hanbok Suit (M) ~ 450k
Lifeguard Uniform (M) ~ 150k
Diamond Jeweler Formal Suit (M) ~ 3m
Double Button Sailor Swimsuit (M) ~ 600k
Lovely Cupid Outfit (M) ~ 1.2m
Duffel Coat (M) *Unlocked ~ 3m
Vampire Hunter (M) ~ 2m
Battleborn Outfit (M) ~ 2.5m
Wild Card Suit (M) ~ 3m
Royal Rose Outfit (M) ~ 800k
Elite Vanguard Uniform (M) ~ 5m
Eluned Chillin' Urban Outfit (M) ~ 3m
Afternoon Tea Jacket (M) ~ 15m-18m

Dashing Gothic Enamel Shoes (M) ~ 200k
Magus Crest Boots (M) ~ 200k
Geta Sandals (M) ~ 100k
Police Officer Shoes (M) ~ 100k
Culinary Artist Safety Shoes (M) ~ 120k
Santa's Helper Boots (M) ~ 200k
Great Outdoors Elven Boots (M) *Male Elf-only ~ 80k
Gym Teacher Sneakers (M) ~ 150k
Brilluen Claus Shoes (M) ~ 200k
Debonair Groom's Shoes (M) ~ 150k
Waffle Wizard Shoes (M) ~ 200k
Magic Academy Loafers (M ~ 350k
Romantic Rose Boots (M) ~ 120k
Reinhard's Shoes (M) ~ 150k
Assault Uniform Shoes (M) ~ 300k
Haku's Shoes (M) ~ 300k
Rhetoi Rabbit Shoes (M) ~ 150k
Kaito Shoes ~ 250k
Fleet Feet (M) ~ 8m

Afterschool Wristguard (M) ~ 80k
Battle School Gloves (M) ~ 80k
Battleborn Gloves (M) ~ 150k
Matador Gloves (M) ~80k

Sets / *Almost-Sets:
Subaru Outfit Set [ Wig | Outfit | Shoes ] ~ 800k
Eluned Bunny Parka Outfit Set (M) [ Outfit | Shoes | Gloves ] ~ 3m
Eluned Detective Outfit Set (M) [ Hat | Gloves | Outfit | Shoes ] ~ 5m
Bunny Parka Outfit Set (M) [ Outfit | Shoes | Gloves ] 1.5m
Cosmic Prince Outfit Set [ Wig + Crown | Outfit | Gloves ] ~ 6m
Hayashi's Outfit [ Hayashi's Wig + Glasses | Magic Knight Officer Outfit ] ~ 10m
Black Swan Outfit Set (M) [ Wig | Wig + Headpiece | Outfit | Shoes ] ~ 500k
Count Cookie Outfit Set [ Wig | Wig + Hat | Outfit | Shoes ] ~ 9m
Eluned Rhetoi Rabbit (M) [ Gloves | Outfit | Shoes ] ~ 1.5m
Cross Empire Outfit Set (M) [ Wig | Headpiece | Outfit | Shoes | Gloves ] ~ 2.5m
Romantic Gothic (M) [ Suit | Boots ] ~ 7m

Soft Blowy Waves Hair Coupon ~ 8m
Choppy Pompadour Hair Coupon ~ 800k
Spiky Bangs Hair Coupon ~ 450k
Hamlet Hair Coupon x2 ~ 200k each
Half Updo Hair Coupon ~ 450k
Bright Student Hair Coupon ~ 350k

*will add more stuff once game is up again


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